11+ Applications for Watching Anime Sub Indo Best Free and Updated 2023 – Kuri007.com

11+ Applications for Watching Anime Sub Indo Best Free and Updated 2023 – Kuri007.com
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The Best Anime Watching Application on Android & iPhone – On the internet we can do many things, from browsing, chatting, to looking for entertainment. For some people, there are those who seek entertainment by watching Hollywood films, but many people also like watching anime as entertainment.

Watching anime is fun. Exciting storylines, likable characters, and various other reasons make the audience addicted to the point where they might become wibu.

There are several platforms that you can use to watch this anime. There are many anime-specific websites for you to watch. But you can also watch it through the best anime watching application on Android and IOS.

So what applications can be used to watch anime? immediately see in full below of!

The Best Anime Watch Application on Android and iPhone

Oh can, You can download this application on the Google Play Store for Android users, and there are Apk files on the internet and the App Store for iOS users.

Although in this list all the apps are free, there are apps that provide in-app purchases.

Here is a list of applications:

1. Crunchyroll

The first one is there Crunchyrollan anime watching application that is quite popular. Crunchyroll provides various anime titles and episodes which are updated every week.

Titles like Dr. STONE, Fire Force, One Piece, to Naruto are in this application. If there is even a new anime, Crunchyroll will also update it.

This application is free for you android users. But in it you will find the option to become a premium member by paying several thousand rupiahs.

Benefits of going premium such as not being found by ads and having access to all anime titles.

No Crunchyroll
Size 74 MB
Developer Ellation, Inc
Uploaded Latest



2. Viewster


Next there Viewsteran application for watching fun anime on Android. The anime that this application provides is quite a lot with several categories.

You can follow the anime title with the “Follow Favorite” feature so you don’t miss it when a new episode is released.

Apart from watching anime, this Viewster also provides content for Games, Science, and more.

The advantage of using this Viewster is that there is no need to register, be it an email or google account, so you can enjoy it right away. The application also takes up a small amount of memory with a capacity of only 20MB.

No Viewster
Size 68 MB
Developer Viewster
Uploaded Latest

3. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is an application to watch anime on Android with several well-known titles such as Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, and also Sword Art Online.

Here the available episodes are very complete so if you miss an episode, you can watch it first before watching the most recent episode.

Almost every week AnimeLab updates if there are new episodes in the application.

The video quality is HD so you don’t have to worry if the quality is bad. In addition, there is the option of using English dubbing or using Indonesian subtitles. Just adjust it to your taste.

No AnimeLab
Size 103 MB
Developer AnimeLab
Uploaded Latest



4. FastAnime


This one application is not as popular as the applications previously mentioned, but make no mistake, there are several anime choices that are not available above but are available in FastAnime this.

Categories that you can find such as Samurai to Urban. The available anime is also equipped with English dubbing or subtitles. Fast Anime is a streaming-based anime viewing application.

So you have to prepare your quota to watch it or you can use Wifi for a more stable connection.

No FastAnime
Size 3.5 MB
Developer FastAnime
Uploaded Latest





HIDIVE is a well-known Japanese anime streaming application such as Domestic Girlefriend, The Promised Neverland, and much more.

Seasons and episodes are updated quite diligently, so you will always watch the latest updates every week. In it anime is categorized into several categories such as Action, Comedy, Drama, and others.

This application uses a dark theme, so it is suitable for those of you who watch it at night because it is not so bright. The size is also small, only 10MB doesn’t overcrowd your internal memory.

Size 7.6 MB
Developer HIDIVE, LLC
Uploaded Latest



6. Have fun


Then there’s Funanime, a special application for you anime lovers because besides providing the latest anime via streaming, you can also choose your favorite manga.

One of the interesting features in this application is the comments column. Here you can discuss with fellow anime lovers about anything related to anime, or just ask about the latest release schedule for the episode you are watching.

No Have fun
Size 14.6 MB
Developer Funnime
Uploaded Latest



7. The Canims

my friends

If you’ve talked about anime watching applications on Android, now is the time to switch to iOS users. The first is an application The people. This application is very recommended because the choice of anime is quite complete plus the video quality is very good.

Additional features such as favorites, viewing history that has been watched, and choices for English and Indonesian subtitles make Wakanim reliable for you to watch your favorite anime.

No The people
Size 36.4 MB
Developer Productions Wakanim Inc
Uploaded Latest



8. FunimationNow


FunimationNow also no less cool for you IOS users. There is no need to doubt the quality because everything is available in HD quality.

If you don’t like using subtitles, English dubbing is available as an option.

Unfortunately there is some content that you can’t enjoy for free in this application. So there is some content that requires you to buy it first before you can enjoy it.

No FunimationNow
Size 95.4 MB
Developer Funimation
Uploaded Latest



9. AnYme


AnYme is a simple application to stream your favorite anime. Various seasons and full episodes are here.

On the start page you will be presented with Top Anime based on other users, so you can watch it if you’re curious.

Apart from that, you will also get suggestions about suitable anime based on the genre of anime that you watched before.

In some of the titles, those of you who want to have the song or anime wallpaper are also available, you only need to download it.

Unfortunately this application is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to look for the Apk file first on the internet and then install it.

No AnYme
Size 5.4 MB
Developer AnYme
Uploaded Latest



10. AnimeLab


If you are a fan of anime with popular titles like Detective Conan, Bleach, and One Piece then AnimeLab very suitable for you. Because the choice of episodes for these titles is very complete so you won’t miss it.

If you also like reading manga, it’s also available on AnimeLib, plus songs that you can download.

Even so, you need to find the Apk on the internet because this application is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

No AnimeLab
Size 103.4 MB
Developer Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd
Uploaded Latest



11. Anime TV

So, the last one is an application made in Indonesia for watching anime on Android, namely Anime TV.

In the application description, Anime TV claims to have 30,000 anime titles. As for the quality itself, you don’t need to doubt it because this application draws from trusted sources, such as animeco, anime 14, and otakuindo.

Existing anime are adjusted based on existing genres. You can also directly search for your favorite anime in the search field.

As for the streaming quality itself, Anime TV is quite stable, where there are three video qualities that you can choose from, namely 360p, 480p and 720p. You can choose according to your internet speed.

No AnimeTV
Size 32.4 MB
Developer Martin Bezares
Uploaded Latest



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The final word

Now, the complete application for watching anime on Android and Iphone is complete. All you have to do is adjust it according to your Smartphone OS, then watch anime as much as you like.

Watching anime in this application is certainly easier than visiting a website, because you have several incomplete episodes or missing subtitle options.

Just download it of, and make sure your quota is enough to stream anime.



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