15 Sounds of a Motorcycle Engine Sounds Tek Tek When the Engine is Hot and Cold – Kuri007.com

15 Sounds of a Motorcycle Engine Sounds Tek Tek When the Engine is Hot and Cold – Kuri007.com
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15 Sounds of a Motor Engine Sounds Tek Tek When the Engine is Hot and Cold – Hey all friends.! Have a problem with your vehicle? or maybe it makes an unpleasant sound to your ears when your vehicle is turned on or after?

Then after the gas lever starts to be pulled there is a sound of clicking, clicking which even sounds like it disturbs your hearing and those around you?

Be careful! maybe this sound is a sign that your motorbike engine is starting to tickle.

So if it is always ignored, then of course it will cause fatal damage. Where the piston head or even your engine block will break due to friction.

However, basically the engine tickling symptoms can be caused by improper timing during the combustion process.

The existence of these obstacles can be caused by the mixture in the fuel and also the compressed air by the piston experiencing the combustion process earlier even though it has not been able to reach the top dead center (TDC).

So in this case the point is, the combustion process occurs prematurely or explodes first.

So, to find out what causes the squeaking sound emitted by your motorbike, see the review below. (Also Read: Causes of All Off Motor Lights

15 Sounds of a Motor Engine Sounds Tek Tek When the Engine is Hot and Cold

15 Sounds of a Motor Engine Sounds Tek Tek When the Engine is Hot and Cold

Caused Because Of The Valve Parts

Usually the sound of a light “tick-tick” or “tuk-tuk” on a stationary engine can indicate that there is a loose valve setting in your vehicle, thus making the “rocker arm” valve of your motorcycle engine hit the valve head.

Then the sound that is issued will get louder when the gas rotation of the motor is increased.

Then it’s not only that, it could be a problem that is caused because your engine valve spring starts to weaken, which in turn causes a sound.

Caused Because Part Chain Kamprat

Then regarding the sound of “tok-tok” which may be the sound caused by the chain of your motorbike starting to loosen so that there are several parts that also become loose.

In addition, if the setting of the keteng chain is too tight, it will also cause a whistle or a hum.

Then the sound of “sec-sek” which is continuous, in general, is often caused because the gear or chain keteng asks to be replaced with a new one.

Centric Chain Tensioner Parts

As we know the function of the chain tension is to maintain the tightness of the centric chain, if there is a change in the tightness of the chain “tight/loose” then this will greatly affect the engine rotation process.

Now, if this happens to your motorbike, then this will affect the performance of the motorbike so that it becomes not optimal so that it will eventually cause a “tek-tek” sound, of course this will really bother you. Now the solution to this is to replace the new Tensioner.

Piston Parts

Then a sound is emitted from the combustion chamber, which is a symptom that occurs in an oblaken piston or piston ring, which sounds almost faint, but it will be known if the motor’s power decreases and will eventually cause white smoke to come out of the exhaust.

The steering wheel knocks sound like it feels heavy, which is a sign that the piston is asking to be replaced with a new one.

Seher handlebar section

In this case it usually shows a sign that on your motorbike a sound like a rattling will appear on the lower to middle rotation which will then gradually disappear on the upper rotation.

Where there is a sound this sound will arise because it is caused by the foot or handlebar of your motorcycle piston slapping on the cylinder wall when it is in the bottom dead center position. So you have to be aware of the sound of this sound, so therefore check the condition of your motorbike.

Piston Pin Section

Then what causes the vehicle to make a buzzing sound when the motor is turned on? it could be that this is caused by the piston handlebars of your motorcycle engine starting to loosen so that it becomes oblak, this is caused because your engine’s piston pin is not attached properly to the housing.

So when the condition of your motorcycle’s piston handlebars has gotten worse, the sound it makes will get louder.

Piston Bearing Parts

Then the same situation will arise when the metal bearing sits and also on the road metal crumpled as your motorbike’s engine is worn out, then this will be accompanied by a “ker-ker” sound and very heavy knocks that are getting louder.

In addition, your engine vibration will increase on the footstep and handlebars. Now to prevent the crankshaft from making noise, replace the piston handlebars along with the metal bearing holder immediately.

Clutch Parts

In this case, if the house with the clutch experiences a problem, then it will produce a sound like a continuous “squeak-squeak” sound, then you will feel a “thump” when the motor suddenly brakes.

Which can be caused by the clutch tub starting to get thirstier or the automatic system is not functioning properly because it is starting to stretch.

Roller Parts

Now for the automatic type of motorbike, where symptoms such as producing a tek-tek sound are usually frequent, this is due to the condition of the roller housing which is getting thirstier or the surface of the roller is no longer flat.

Thus the discussion this time about 15 Sounds of a Motor Engine Sounding Tek Tek When the Engine is Hot and Cold, I hope this review can be useful for all friends.

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