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16 Minute Red Kebaya Video Without Censorship – Kuri007.com
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Here’s how to watch a full 16 minute video of a red kebaya woman that went viral on various social media such as Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, LK21. Lately a lot of people want to know how to watch a full 16 minute video of a woman in a red kebaya uncensored. So how do you find links to watch? To watch a full 16 minute video of a red kebaya woman, the method is quite simple. Without using any additional apps, you can see them right away.

The uncensored 16-minute video of the woman in the red kebaya became entertainment for netizens throughout Indonesia. Although two authors were arrested. The Kebaya Merah film has not become a netizen conversation on social media. With a production cost of Rp. 750 thousand, long tail red kebaya video. This viral video incident about the red kebaya also received reactions from several Indonesian artists. One of them is Nafa Urbach who is furious with the female lead. Nafa Urbach looks furious over the viral video of a woman in a red kebaya.

According to him, it tarnishes the essence of kebaya as Indonesian culture. Through his Instagram account @nafaurbach, he wrote a message from the heart. “Which is not important. Moreover, this viral news brings a culture that we respect and represent, namely KEBAYA,” wrote Nafa Urbach. According to him, the viral term ‘woman in red kebaya’ which has recently been associated with pornographic videos has darkened Indonesian society. “Indonesia’s viral culture, namely Kebaya, should not be overshadowed by cheap news like this,” he continued. Indeed, according to Nafa Urbach, many people have gone to great lengths to promote Indonesian culture, especially the kebaya. However, this was marred by the case of the woman in the red kebaya. “What do you think? Wow, we are tired of Indonesian culture where all its beauty and philosophy are spoiled with cheap news, sorry,” he said.

In addition to being criticized for the significance of Indonesia, women as actresses in red kebayas have very affordable rates. According to the Director of Special Criminal Investigation at the East Java Police, Kombes Farman, the cost of making the video with the theme “Hotel Reception” is estimated at Rp. 750 thousand. “This video was made by the suspect in March at the request of someone through a social media account. This video content order was ordered via the suspect’s social media and sold for Rs 750,000 to customers.” Commissioner Farman said. .



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