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3 Ways of Forex Business Without Trading for Beginners – Kuri007.com
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3 Ways of Forex Business Without Trading for Beginners– Forex trading, is one of the gateways to the prospect of big profits for anyone who wants to pursue it. However, actually, profits from the forex business can not only be obtained from trading activities. The forex business also involves means from many parties who act as traders’ supporters. Call forex brokers and local deposit-withdrawal support services (local exchangers), as well as various other facilities.

If you are one of those people who wants to get additional benefits from the forex business without trading, there are various alternatives to choose from. Here are three of them that have proven profitable.

3 Ways of Forex Business Without Trading for Beginners

3 Ways of Forex Business Without Trading for Beginners

1. Affiliate or Introducing Broker (IB)

This is the number one choice of forex business without trading which is perfect for those of you who have talent in marketing (marketing). Almost all forex brokers access the opportunity to become a partner for anyone, either as an affiliate or IB. Broker partners work to market brokerage facilities online or offline to get certain rewards for each new client who registers with the broker through the affiliate or IB.

Affiliates and IBs play a role in marketing brokerage services and recruiting new clients, so that their activities are more like marketing activities than trading. In trading activities, traders will pay commissions and spreads in a certain amount to the broker. Furthermore, the broker will pay a certain amount of this commission and spread to affiliates and IBs who previously invited these traders to join the broker.

Usually, forex brokers do not hinder how affiliates and IBs promote them, as long as they do not break the law. Promotional properties such as banners, merchandise and deposit bonuses have also been provided by the broker.

Therefore, various trick models are applied by affiliates and IBs. Starting from creating a website (website), placing social media advertisements, door-to-door promotions, holding seminars and training, radio and newspaper advertisements, offering deposit and withdrawal support, offering free daily conclusions, distributing trading robots. free, provide forex rebates, and so on.

Competition between IBs and affiliates generally revolves around the topic of support and other extra functions whose value is high, but the costs are low.

2. Trading Robot Development Services (Expert Advisors)

Are you good at programming? If yes, then you can learn the MQL5 or C# programming language which is used to create trading robots (Expert Advisors) for the Metatrader5 and cTrader platforms.

There are lots of traders using these two most popular platforms who want to trade using robots, but can’t or don’t have the time to code them themselves. This niche can be used to develop a forex business niche without new trading.

Promote your robot manufacturing services through trader forums or social media, then accept incoming orders. You can get a commission from the initial robot creation as well as its maintenance and repair of old robots. Who knows, among the incoming orders, there is a superior trading system that can be copied.

3. Sites Regarding Trading

No trading, why make a web site about trading? Well, okay. You simply create the site, then collaborate with other parties to obtain content for the web site. For example:

  • Selling books about trading and asking other people to make reviews of these books.
  • Inviting Master Traders to write analysis and trading tips on the web site.
  • Discusses the experience of Master Traders and sells seminar tickets for people who are interested in studying them soon.
  • Become a broker affiliate and offer various reviews.
  • Selling trading robots made by other people.
  • Trading sign subscription offers come from other parties.

You can also manage a website with general (non-trading) topics, but only insert advertisements regarding trading in certain content. Apart from that, there are still many options that can be explored, unless you want to be involved in the forex business without trading.

Consider your competence and interests, then choose which forex business without trading to pursue. Whichever alternative you choose, one thing is certain: success can be obtained with or without forex trading, but only people who are diligent and never give up can achieve success.

And that’s a bit of information that we can convey in this article. Hopefully with the discussion that we have conveyed, it can add new knowledge to all of you for those who have listened to it to the end.

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