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5 Best Money Transfer Application Recommendations – Kuri007.com
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Are you one of those people who still have to leave the house just to transfer money? now is the time for you to have moved on from that because now there are 5 Best Money Transfer Application Recommendations

In the current digital era, there are lots of applications popping up that make it easier for you to carry out all activities with just one grip of the cellphone that you have, you can transfer money, one of which is the money transfer application, several e-comers and buying and selling applications also now have money transfer feature.

So you don’t need to go to a bank or an ATM outlet, just stay at home and you can transfer money. Of the many money transfer applications that exist, only a few have complete features and are easy to use, and fast, and some even have free admin fees.

Best Money Transfer App

The following details the 5 Best Money Transfer Application Recommendations that we can use, one of which you can use is as follows:


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The first application that we recommend is Funds. This is a free money transfer application with a digital wallet that is safe and trusted, and has complete features. Users can also make free transfers to fellow Fund users and also get 10 x free transfers to other banks every month.

Many voucher promos are given to you loyal users of this Fund Application. besides that transfer through this application is of course very easy. Fund applications can also be used for gold investment applications. If you are a fan or like investing in gold.


LinkAja is an application-based national digital wallet or electronic money application that has been registered with Bank Indonesia, formed from a national synergy collaboration of 10 State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and one private company.

Just like the Link Application Funds application, you can transfer money without administration fees. Users can also make Transfer, Withdrawal and Cash Transactions as well as payments using QR codes and tokens, all of which can be done easily and practically only via the link.

So that you can make transfer transactions without admin fees. You only need to Top Up to the account that you have created and make a minimum transaction of 10 thousand rupiah, and you also need to upgrade your existing account to Full Service so you can enjoy attractive and exclusive features, one of which is transfer without Admin fees.

There is no way to upgrade the Apk Link, please, you can do the following method;

  1. The first way is to first open the LinkAja application.
  2. Then you select an account in the homepage view.
  3. Then you click Upgrade
  4. Upload your KTP photo and selfie photo then click continue.
  5. Fill in your identity data according to your KTP.
  6. Record yourself holding your KTP. As long as the recording continues, you state such as your name, NIK and complete address according to your KTP

3. OVO

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The OVO application is an electronic application service for E-Comers issued by PT. International Vision . With this application you can make various kinds of payments easily, quickly and safely and make your financial transactions more enjoyable.

Ovo can be said to be one of the applications that can compete with the Dana application because it has complete features and already has many marchainds, from shops in malls to roadside vendors. they can already accept payments via ovo.

For those of you who are not used to carrying large amounts of cash, ovo can be a substitute for transactions just like a credit card. OVO Top Up is also very easy and practical, you can do it through ATMs, M-banking, Internet Banking, credit cards or you can also go through OVO Mercaint partners such as OVO Booth, Indomaret and Alfamaret.

If you have upgraded to OVO Premier, you can easily make money transfer transactions and enjoy a more complete service. The benefits you get after upgrading to Ovo Premier include:

  • The OVO Cash balance that you get is Rp. 10,000,000,-
  • You can transfer for free between Ovo users
  • Free transfers also to all banks
  • You will get the opportunity to enjoy exclusive promos from Ovo
  • You can access the ovo Budget feature and access the ovo Invest feature.


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This application is the right solution for those of you who want to transfer money without having a bank account. This application can also make money transfer transactions between banks without being charged. admin. Almost all banks registered with this application, starting from BCA, BNI, Mandiri, and other Islamic banks.

Interestingly, the recipient is not required to have this application on his cellphone. Flip has received permission from OJK so your data will be protected safely.

By using the Flip Application, all your transfer transaction needs to all banks can be processed more easily and safely. Flip is a bridge for transactions between banks. You only need to make a transfer first to the same Flip account as the bank account you have and Flip will continue the transfer to the destination account you want to transfer.

5. OYi Indonesia

The OYi Indonesia application is not as well-known as other applications Dana, Link Aja, Ovo and Flip, but the OYi Indonesia application has been operating since 2016 and it turns out that it has been developed by the nation’s children.

You can download the OYi Indonesia application on the PlayStore and this apk is no different from other e-wallets, where cashless payment transactions can be made.

The method or steps are not too difficult for you to do, namely as follows;

  • you please log in to your OY account, of course you have downloaded it first.
  • then connect to the account that you have.
  • Then you top up your balance using E-money, Paytren or Gopay.
  • Next, you select the destination account and enter the nominal amount to be transferred.
  • Finally, please select the shipping method listed, including virtual accounts, debit or manual transfers. And if you want to transfer money without admin fees, then you must choose the manual transfer.

So, those are some money transfer Apks that you can use according to your needs. Of course, you don’t need to bother going to an ATM outlet or going to a bank to make a money transfer transaction. You can choose which one you think is the safest and easiest.


Thus the article that Kuri007.com can provide regarding the 5 Best Money Transfer Application Recommendations and the methods that you can follow. Hopefully this article can help you make it easier to transfer money without having to bother leaving the house.

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