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5 Considerations Before Resigning, So You Don’t Regret – Kuri007.com
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Check out some of the considerations before resigning from the office or company where you are now sheltering.

Deciding to resign or resign is the right of every employee.

There are certain reasons that finally make them decide to resign from work.

Some have reasons for wanting to improve their career elsewhere, family reasons, to reasons they don’t fit the company that houses them now.

All valid reasons for those of you who wish to resign.

However, mature consideration is needed so that you don’t regret it later.

The reason is, currently looking for a job is very difficult.

Not everyone is lucky to be able to work right away where they want.

Therefore, before you submit your resignation letter to your boss, be sure to make sure of a few points Immaku.com say below.

Some Things to Consider Before Resigning From Your Current Job

1. Already have another goal

Make sure you know where you are going when you leave your current job.

If your reason is that you want to work in a better place, then make sure there is a company ready to accept you.

You have to be sure of this before actually resigning.

This is to prevent you from being unemployed which is bad for fulfilling your daily life.

Do not let yourself be unemployed just because you did not immediately find a suitable company.

2. Have a sufficient emergency fund

Stopping at a company that is now practically making your finances shake for some time to come.

Income will be hampered, while expenses will continue.

This imbalance practically overwhelms you if you don’t have an emergency fund.

Don’t let yourself get confused because you are faced with various unexpected expenses in a condition that has resigned.

3. Have a clear reason

Make sure your reasons for resigning are clear and precise.

For example, because you have to go out of town with your husband’s new office.

That is, don’t because of small ripples in the dynamics of the office make you reckless in deciding to resign.

For example, such as bickering with co-workers because they do not agree.

Or because your boss is considered to like a lot of arrangements as he pleases.

Things that can still be talked about or discussed in advance are good to be pursued.

However, if the road is stuck and only always dead ends, then maybe you don’t belong there.

4. Ready to start a new challenge

Apart from the work that has been done every day practically requires mental readiness.

You have to readjust to new people, new environment and new work system.

If you change jobs that require you to change your place of residence, this can make the challenge even more real.

You have to pack up, clean up and socialize again with your neighbors.

This clearly requires readiness and mental strength to start all over again.

5. Accept if you will find bitterness again

Apart from one office to another, of course the hope is to get a better job.

It can be from a good work system and good co-workers.

However, things will definitely not go exactly the way we want.

Therefore, it takes maturity to understand if in the future you will continue to face new things that are not necessarily better.

On the other hand, you also never know whether the new company you are in will actually be the place of work that you have always wanted.

In essence, strengthen your determination, mentality and consideration before resigning. And always remember news which we have explained above. Don’t be hasty in deciding something.

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