5 Steps to Use the Right Skincare for Glowing Skin – Kuri007.com

5 Steps to Use the Right Skincare for Glowing Skin – Kuri007.com
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The following are some steps to using the correct skincare for glowing skin.

Having glowing and healthy skin is everyone’s dream, especially women.

They flock to use skincare to get glowing skin.

Not infrequently skincare is used in layers and many stages.

All of this practically requires a lot of effort to get glowing skin like South Korean idols.

Starting from a lot of time, patience, cost and also sufficient knowledge.

Because, not everyone understands and knows the knowledge before using skincare so that the benefits can be felt to the fullest.

Which skincare should come first, second, and next.

All of these skincare must be done step by step in order to get maximum results on your skin in the future.

Stages of Using Skincare


It turns out that there are several steps that you can do.

Although in general, it only contains a few simple circuits.

In the following, we have summarized the steps for using skincare just for you.

Face Wash

The first skincare you should try is a face wash, aka facial soap.

Choose a facial soap that suits your skin type and skin needs.

This is important in order to work optimally.

Imagine, if you actually have dry skin problems, but choose facial soap for people with acne.

Of course, this will not work optimally because it is not in accordance with the designation of the skincare used.

Facial soap may indeed not have much effect on the condition of your face.

It’s just that this is the first step that must be done properly and correctly to proceed to the next step.


This stage may not be mandatory for everyone.

Essence is an additional skincare step for some who want to try harder.

This stage makes yourself more prepared for the next stage.


Just like essence, toner is also not mandatory for everyone who wants glowing and healthy skin.

Toner currently there are lots of toners sold in the market of various brands and uses.

Usually toner is used to make the skin moist and ready for the next stage.

Although there are also toners that can be used for exfoliation with a low percentage.


Serum is a mandatory step that skincare users can use for maximum results.

Serums can work deeper for your skin.

There are serums for brightening, exfoliating, moisturizing, hydration and others.

Usually serum has a percentage in its content.

This is important to know how much effectiveness the serum has.

In addition, serum can also be done in layers.

Just don’t mix serums with opposite ingredients.


The next step that can be applied is sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a must-have sunscreen to use.

The reason is, sunscreen can protect the skin from exposure to sunlight that can harm the skin.

This should be to lock the skincare range that has been used before.

In addition, this is also the final stage of using skincare before continuing with makeup.

Those are some skincare steps that you can use to get glowing skin.

However, the most important thing is the consistency.

Because, skincare is skin care that takes time and consistency from day to day.

There is nothing instant in the use of skincare with ingredients that are safe for the skin.

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