5 Ways To Ensure Your Piercings Stand Out

5 Ways To Ensure Your Piercings Stand Out
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Once you reach a certain age, you’ll have a conversation with your parents about getting piercings. It usually starts with the earlobes, which they’ll probably agree to. A stud in each ear will keep you happy for a few years.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Piercings Stand Out

Eventually, you’ll want to try something different. It’s a lot more common to get piercings in other places these days, which you might want to try. Let’s look at some parts of your body that should be taken into consideration.

1. Corset Piercings On Your Back

Corsets help you stand out when wearing clothes, but corset piercings turn things on their head. You will look magical when you’re naked. If you want to show them off in public, you’ll need to wear a backless dress.

The BlackLine Studio tattoo piercings artist will put the rings through your skin, but you’ll need to weave fabric through them yourself. Some people get them all the way up their backs, but you can choose how long they are.

2. Conch Piercings Are Striking

Everyone expects to see someone with pierced earlobes, but a conch piercing will catch their eye. It’s the little area in the middle of your ear. The cartilage is thicker than in other areas, but it still won’t hurt much.

If you’re into acupuncture, you’ll realize it’s the area of your ear associated with muscle relaxation. Some people get a piercing there to help fight chronic pain. You’ll be able to change your stud to a hoop once it heals.

3. A Piercing Through Your Cheek

Cheek piercings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but you don’t need to do anything too extreme. Being able to stick your tongue out of the hole is a bit much, but anyone following a normal lifestyle will look good with a stud.

It’s difficult to see unless people are standing close by, so it won’t draw any unnecessary attention to you. It might look like you have beautiful dimples if you get studs in both cheeks, but it’s better to start with one.

4. Nose Bridge Between Your Eyes

Almost everyone you run into with a nose piercing will have a tiny stud on one side of their nose. That’s a good option if you want something unnoticeable, but you can go one step further. Get a piercing in between your eyes.

It’s possible to put a stud through the bridge on the top of your nose, which looks great on certain people with a unique style. It might be a touch more painful getting it done, but it will be worth the trouble.

5. A Horizontal Lip Stud Or Two

When you get a piercing on your lip, it’s usually not on the lip itself. It sits under where you apply makeup. It’s definitely a piercing worth considering, but horizontal lip studs will stand out even more.

The piercings will come through your lips where you apply your lipstick. It’s cool seeing silver studs burst through bright red lips. Some people will run into problems if they enjoy kissing their partners every day.

A Hole Will Always Close Up

Piercings are great because they allow you to test new things, but the holes will disappear if you change your mind. It’s worth trying something a little adventurous if you want to make a statement.



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