6 Little Detectives in Detective Conan Who Are Smart and Adorable – Kuri007.com

6 Little Detectives in Detective Conan Who Are Smart and Adorable – Kuri007.com
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Long before Conan attended Teitan Elementary School, the three little boys consisting of Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko were already friends. So close the three of them like to play together and are inseparable. As soon as Conan entered, then a geng Little Detective was created and hopes to be of assistance to many of their friends.

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Feeling inadequate, when Ai arrives, the girl who is actually an adult is forced to follow them to play and join the Little Detective Club. Even though they are still children, sometimes their words often help the investigation in solving a case.

The Origin of the Little Detective

In the first Detective Conan comic volume, as soon as Shinichi turned into Conan, Professor Agasa immediately sent Conan to school so that he could adapt and get as much information as possible without being suspected because he had the form of a child. The school visited was SD Teitan.

When he entered class 1-B, Conan sat alone, he was a bit ostracized because his name was strange, unlike the names of Japanese children in general. Even though he was alone, Conan didn’t care about that. Once, another little girl named Ayumi Yoshida came and invited Conan to tell a ghost story about a mysterious house in Shinichi’s house.

The house is an old house that has a dark story about a murder in the family. While exploring the house and Conan uncovering cases that have not been completed for a long time, Genta recognizes himself as the chairman gengdecides to recruit Conan to join the Little Detective Club.

Once, a beautiful girl named Ai Haibara (shrink Shiho Miyano) appeared at school and immediately approached Conan. This was because Shiho Miyano knew that Conan was Shinichi and they both experienced the same thing, getting smaller because of the drug he made when he was a member Black Organization.

As soon as Conan knows that Ai is a former member of the organization, he gets angry but when he gets an explanation, Conan and Ai become friends. This makes the woman super cold must joins the Little Detective Club with Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko and starts to mingle.

Member of the Junior Detective (Core)

1. Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan_Conan Edogawa (Copy)

Being the smartest and wisest member of the Little Detective Boys, it’s no wonder sih because yes casinghe’s only a child, but his brain and abilities belong to Shinichi, the most influential young detective in Japan. Conan has always been a role model for all the other members and became decision-maker for every time.

Sometimes Conan is too mature for his age, this is then tricked by him pretending to speak and act like a 7 year old child. Like ‘Ehhh..Kok…’ or something like that. Conan really cared for and loved his friends, several times he sacrificed himself for the other members of the detectives.

2. Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano

Detective Conan_Ai Haibara (Copy)

Ai Haibara is really hard to be or at least act like a child. He always looks so grown up. So Ayumi, who is the same age as him, calls Ai as Big Brother instead of calling names. Eleven-twelve with Conan, he likes to be used as a benchmark for Genta, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko.

Genta and Mitsuhiko are afraid of Ai; because they are known to be fierce. Nevertheless, Mitsuhiko has feelings for him though they are never reciprocated. In the comic Detective Conan Vol. 77, Ai changes again after using the temporary antidote for APTX-4869 to help Gentai, Ayumi & Mitsuhiko from the fire.

3. Genta Kojima

Detective Conan_Genta (Copy)

Has a super large body for his age and is the chairman of geng Little Detective. His hobby is eating grilled eel rice and not getting bored snacking until many times scolded by Ayumi. Genta only relies on the strength of his body considering he is not very smart, let alone read kanji.

Genta sometimes reckless and several times even endanger himself because of his behavior. Just like Conan and Mitsuhiko, as a man, he really takes care of his group. Very reliable and obey with his parents. Likes to put up and offer to help solve cases.

4. Ayumi Yoshida

Detective Conan_Ayumi (Copy)

Being the cutest in the Little Detective Club, however, Ayumi, who has the tiniest body, loves adventures especially those that smell of treasure. he became happy-virus for other detective members who are feeling sad, this is because Ayumi has a cheerful personality.

It was he who first invited Conan to join the Little Detective Club and always hid behind Conan when there was danger of attacking or when he was afraid. He did this because Ayumi had a crush on Conan. Ayumi is a smart kid, her simple observations are often the key to solving cases.

5. Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Detective Conan_Mitsuhiko (Copy)

Mitsuhiko is the smartest member of the Little Detectives out of all; even Conan and Ai lost in many subjects; not suprisingly sih, because both Mitsuhiko’s parents were teachers. He loves to read science books and is very, very polite to all he meets because of the strict teachings of his parents.



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