7 Dramas Played by Lee Dong Hwi, Actor Dong Ryong in Reply 1988 – Kuri007.com

7 Dramas Played by Lee Dong Hwi, Actor Dong Ryong in Reply 1988 – Kuri007.com
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For fans of the drama Reply 1988, you must be familiar with this man. Her iconic figure with clothing styles stylish, wears glasses, and his behavior that sometimes makes him sad is hard to forget. This character named Ryu Dong Ryong can be performed beautifully by Lee Dong Hwi.

Because this character is so attached, it might be difficult for us to let go of Ryu Dong Ryong from Lee Dong Hwi. In fact, this man who graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts can play a character that is much different from Dong Ryong, you know. For example, when he played a soldier in Designated Survivor: 60 Days.

Besides Designated Survivor: 60 Days, there are also other dramas with other characters that Lee Dong Hwi plays. What are the plays? Check out the following review, come on!

1. Big Bet

You might be amazed by Lee Dong Hwi’s appearance in this drama. The reason is, the character he is playing will be very much different from his role in Reply 1988. Lee Dong Hwi will appear in an action thriller drama titled ‘Casino’ or ‘Big Bet’.

In the drama Big Bet, Lee Dong Hwi plays Yang Jung Pal, the right-hand man of a casino expert named Cha Moo Sik. He is a figure who will help Cha Moo Sik solve the big problem Cha Moo Sik is currently facing.

The drama, which will air at the end of December 2022, tells the story of a legend in the casino world named Cha Moo Sik. Without any privileges or connections, Cha Moo Sik managed to achieve his success in the casino world in the Philippines. But a murder incident involving him made him have to gamble with his life.

Not only Lee Dong Hwi, this drama will also involve veteran actor Choi Min Sik who has mostly played in big films. FYI, ‘Big Bet’ will be Choi Min Sik’s first drama after 26 years of not playing in a drama, you know. Apart from that, there is also the figure of Son Suk Ku who gained popularity through the drama ‘My Liberation Notes’.

2. Glitch

drama lee dong hwi-2_

The next drama will bring together Lee Dong Hwi with the beautiful actress Jeon Yeo Been, namely Glitch. Drama Glitch is a drama released in October 2022 and directed by Roh Deok. Unlike most dramas, Glitch carries a science fiction theme wrapped in comedy.

One day, Ji Hyo was shocked by the disappearance of her lover, Lee Si Kook. Ji Hyo suspects that Si Kook has actually been kidnapped by aliens because when he disappears, he sees a strange light that passes with Si Kook’s disappearance. With the help of Huh Bo Ra, Ji Hyo tries to find Si Kook’s whereabouts.

Here, Lee Dong Hwi plays Lee Si Kook, the man who becomes Hong Ji Hyo’s lover (Jeon Yeo Been). Not only with Jeon Yeo Been, the beautiful actress Na Na is also present in this drama.

3. Pegasus Market

drama lee dong hwi-3_

Released in 2019, Pegasus Market is the next drama starring Lee Dong Hwi. The drama, which was adapted from a webtoon created by Kim Gyu Sam, is in the Drama Comedy genre.

Pegasus market tells the story of the struggles of employees at a supermarket that is almost bankrupt. This supermarket is considered not profitable. Unfortunately, this supermarket is even led by an embittered ‘outcast’ employee of the Daema group named Jung Bok Dong.

Feeling hurt from being demoted, Jung Bok Dong tries various ways to bring down Pegasus Market, which is under the auspices of the Daema group. However, his plan was hindered by the reliable performance of the manager named Moon Seok Go.

In this drama, Lee Dong Hwi is lined up to become Moon Seok Go. Not alone, he collided acting with Kim Byung Chul, Jung Hye Sung, Park Ho San, Kim Ho Young, and many other artists.

4. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

drama lee dong hwi-4_

Before playing the role with Son Suk Ku in ‘Big Bet’, Lee Dong Hwi also appeared in the same drama title as Son Suk Ku in Designated Survivor: 60 Days. This action thriller drama, which aired in July 2019, was directed by Yoo Jong sun. Lee Dong Hwi himself was only lined up for a supporting role, namely as Jo Seong Ju.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days tells the story of a minister of the Environment named Park Moo JIn. In an explosion incident, Park Moo Jin was an important official who survived the incident. He was then appointed to be president for 60 days. He is also assigned to find the mastermind behind the explosion.

5. Radiant Office

drama lee dong hwi-5_

Moving on to another Lee Dong Hwi drama that will make you feel relate, especially for those of you who are looking for work. Radiant Office is a drama released in 2017. Directed by Jung Ji In and Park Sang Hoon, this drama tells the story of the struggle of a woman named Ko Ah Sung who is looking for work.

Ko Ah Sung felt hopeless because he couldn’t find a job. He decided to commit suicide by jumping into the Han River. However, he was rescued and taken to the hospital. It was while in the hospital that he learned that his life would not be long due to the illness he might be suffering from.

In Radiant Office, Lee Dong Hwi was lined up as a supporting actor. He plays the character Do Ki Taek. Here, he also collided acting with Eun Ho Won, Ha Seok Jin, and also Kim Dong Wook.



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