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7 Files Applying for Jobs for Freshgraduate & Experienced – Kuri007.com
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Check out the details of the files that must be prepared to apply for work at the company for both fresh graduates and those with experience.

Applying for a job is a difficult thing to do.

The reason is, you as an applicant have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of people outside to get the job.

Therefore, when applying for a job, make sure all the files are ready and match the qualifications required by the company.

Appropriate files supported by a strong will will give birth to an appropriate blend.

Your chances of getting into your dream company are becoming clearer.

At least attaching the requirements in the form of a job application file can make you more prepared.

So, what documents must applicants pay attention to in order to get a seat in the company? Check out the following details.

Complete Job Application Files


1. CV aka Curriculum Vitae

In short, this one file is news about your entire personal history in full.

Starting from educational history, work history, biodata, and various other personal details.

Recruiters try to get to know you through your CV and hope that all your strengths will be written there.

Logically, there are a lot of applicants whose files must be reviewed one by one.

Recruiters don’t have much time to get to know you in depth, so a curriculum vitae is needed.

2. Degree

This one file is needed to confirm if you are indeed a graduate of the college listed in the CV.

A diploma is legal proof that you have received a certain education before finally applying for a job.

3. Grade Transcript

Similar to a diploma, this file is also proof that you have studied at a university.

Your values ​​will be on display, as recruiters consider your seriousness.

The reason is, the grades listed there are proof and a reflection of your responsibilities during college.

GPA will also appear openly there.

4. Job Application Letter

A job application letter is legally required to be attached to a job application.

Like a person who wants to enter someone else’s house, an opening greeting is needed.

Well, the same goes for job applications.

This is a greeting from the job applicant to the prospective company that will oversee him in the future.

A well-written job application will reflect the character and attitude of the applicant.

The better and more organized the language, the better it will be accepted.

5. Recent Passport Photo

You can also attach a recent passport photo in your job application.

This is proof that you are really serious about applying for a job and not a fake.

Therefore, choose the best photo and if necessary make a few edits to make it look attractive.

However, don’t make too many edits to make the recruiter swoon when they meet you in person.

6. Portfolio

Attach all the work you’ve ever owned.

This is a show of talent.

Prove that you really deserve to be there with a great portfolio.

If you are still a fresh graduate, don’t hesitate to attach a portfolio during your internship or as an event committee.

7. Personal identity

Even though it looks a little tricky, you can include personal identification such as a KTP in your job application.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure the company you are applying for is not a scam.

This is a form of caution from fraud which is currently increasingly widespread among job seekers.

Those are 7 job application files that need to be prepared for those who are just trying to apply for work and those who are experienced, hopefully this will be of use.

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