9 List of Layla’s best skins in Mobile Legends at the moment – Kuri007.com

9 List of Layla’s best skins in Mobile Legends at the moment – Kuri007.com
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Layla is one of the heroes that appeared for the first time since Mobile Legends was released. Even this hero is provided free of charge for players who are just starting to play. Of course, considering her advanced age, quite a few players are curious about the many Layla skins in Mobile Legends.

So far Layla has a total of 8 skins plus one pending skin. Even though she has many skins, the popularity of Layla’s hero among gamers is very low. So, maybe it will be a little bit better when the new skins are released. For example, Layla’s anime skin named Miss Hikari was recently released.

So, on this occasion, Gamedaim Tips will share information about 9 lists of the best Layla skins in Mobile Legends. Instead of being curious, just look below.

If you are Layla hero users, you must already know or even have all of her skins. But if not, here’s a list of the order of release:

   Kilat Hijau
   bayi kelinci
   meriam dan mawar
   Hantu Biru
   Penembak Jahat Klasik
   PEDANG. pelanggar
   Senjata Api
   Nona Hikari
   Kulit epik

Meanwhile, here is an explanation of each Layla skin. Starting from the price, appearance, skill effects and so on. Instead of staying silent, here’s the information:

  1. Flashing Green – Normal

Layla’s first skin in Mobile Legends is Green Flash. You can have this Normal category skin by purchasing it from the Shop for 254 Diamonds. Apart from that, you can also get it through the Lucky Spin event.

Her appearance makes Layla look like an anime character named Hatsune Miku. In this skin, Layla wears a blue costume and has green hair. The laser weapon has also changed. Meanwhile, the skill effect still looks the same as the original hero.

  1. Classic Malefic Gunner – Klasik

This Classic Malefic Gunner was originally the original appearance of Layla’s own hero. However, due to the rework, this skin became a skin in the Classic category. This skin is quite rare to get because Moonton rarely displays it, including as a prize at Mobile Legends events some time ago.

In appearance, Layla looks very beautiful and sexy. With a minimalist dress and skirt make it beautiful to look at. Then her hair looks very long and even reaches her heels. Then the skill effect takes out a blue laser shooting effect.

  1. Spectra Biru – Normal

It is common knowledge that Blue Specter is the most sought after by most Mobile Legends players. This is inseparable from its rarity, which until now has not had an event where Layla’s skin is presented as a prize.

The Blue Specter skin was first released in 2017. There, the skin was distributed specifically to those who attended an event that was taking place offline in Thailand at that time.

In this skin, Layla is like a sophisticated robot designed with futuristic technology. This can be seen from the part of his head that wears a robot mask, and the bottom of his feet has a nice bracelet. As for the skill effect, it’s pretty good for a normal skin class.

  1. Dear Bunny – Starlight

Bunny Babe is Layla’s exclusive skin which was used as Starlight’s exclusive skin in January 2017. Layla’s skin is also quite rare because it rarely appears in certain Mobile Legends events.

On this skin, Layla looks very sexy in a maid costume and wears a black headband. In addition, Layla also uses lingerie that makes it even sexier. While the laser shot effect is bluish purple.

  1. Cannons and Roses – Valentine

The next best Layla skins are Cannon and Roses. Recently, this skin from Moonton has received an overhaul, both in terms of animation, appearance, and several skill effects. This Valentine category skin was originally presented to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To have it you have to wait for the event.

Due to the Valentine’s union, Layla was paired with Clint. She looks very beautiful in a white wedding dress. Then her pink hair was tied in two pigtails. Pink rose and love symbol elements appear for skill effect.

  1. S.A.B.E.R. Breacher – Epik

SWORD. Breacher is Layla’s skin who is part of the SABER team with Johnson, Rafaela, Saber, Cyclops and Freya. This skin has a special look that is typical of the SABER skin. Where Layla looks like a cop with a futuristic blue costume.

You can buy this skin in the Epic category at the shop for 899 Diamonds. For skill effects similar to

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