all the most iconic tiktok dances from 2021

all the most iconic tiktok dances from 2021
happy new year & wow i haven’t posted in forever – hope y’all r killing it at life, i know u are xoxo

video credits (i tried to show the original creators of each dance, but couldn’t find them all):
0:06 @melondyshen
0:22 @bgottfanns
0:36 @mxmtoon (dc: red velvet)
0:45 @annabananaxdddd
0:52 @baddierika_
1:07 @flawdaboy_jay3
1:16 @samobam0
1:31 @arri.arii
1:42 @itsmetiffany
1:56 @markellwashington1
2:10 @mackenzieziegler
2:36 @loren
2:45 @keliannestankus
3:00 @jaylinjamess
3:35 @thebentist
3:45 @taymarquise
3:55 @boss_jordynnn
4:10 @sauxyjay
4:25 @jeanvictorm
4:35 @sharlizetrue_
4:45 @jaedengomezz
5:00 @nickrubiano
5:08 @yodamnmomma
5:23 @oh.its.phoebe
6:04 @michandty.cxc
6:29 @em.engel
6:37 @karaleighcanella
6:51 @tracy.oj
7:04 @moonevelyn
7:15 @davidvooo
7:30 @juucyj
8:02 @tracy.oj
8:32 @shariahtrue
8:39 @famoustaytay
8:50 @tracy.oj
9:12 @itssissysheridan
9:21 @yodelinghaley
9:30 @isayuuhh
9:38 @clbromeo
9:53 @tarayummy
10:03 @adambuain03
10:23 @officialjaydenmccauley
10:34 @_harmonyrose
10:42 @chuckygonwild
11:00 @arri.arii
11:11 @foginme
11:23 @jadenowens13
11:31 @parisberelc
11:46 @splashtwinz
11:53 @devsvlogs
12:05 @bro_oklyn04
12:14 @bennetts.girlfriend
12:26 @maggiethurmon
12:35 @valerie.joelis
12:44 @cost_n_mayor

pls this took me forever if u see this give me a like from pity

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all the most iconic tiktok dances from 2021
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