[Ampuh] How to Fix Troubled Front Rear Disc Brakes – Kuri007.com

[Ampuh] How to Fix Troubled Front Rear Disc Brakes – Kuri007.com
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How to repair rear disc brakes – Reviewing the brake feature is a very important component part for the vehicle.

With its roles and functions that are often used, namely to be able to slow down the speed of the vehicle, this is good when the vehicle is going through a steep and steep road or other road conditions.

In this case, the brakes must of course be able to function properly because this is related to the safety of the driver of the vehicle.

So that if we vehicle owners do not make repairs to damage to the brakes, it will be fatal for the driver.

So that’s why we need to carry out regular maintenance because we are worried that when we drive the vehicle, then the brakes don’t work properly so that the problem that will be caused is that the brakes don’t grip because they are caused by brake pads which may be in thinning condition.

How to Fix “100% POWERFUL” Problem Disc Brakes

Then as for the other causal factors that make the brakes not work properly, they can also be caused by the presence of an air bubble in the system.

So when this happens, the thing we can do is simply bleed.

However, when the brakes are used, they experience hardness, which makes it difficult for us to grip it. This can be caused by the brake master, namely the piston, which is not working properly.

This is also usually caused because the brake piston part contained in the master is dirty or damaged.

So what we have to do is just take it apart and then clean it or you can replace it with a better/new one.

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How to Repair Disc Brakes

So what steps can we take to be able to handle this case of disc brake damage? In the following, Kuri007.com will present a series of explanations and how to handle them:

How to Fix Troubled Rear and Front Disc Brakes
How to Fix “100% AMPUH” Problem Rear and Front Disc Brakes

  • The first is to check the brake oil, if we find that the oil has run out, then immediately refill it.
  • Then do an inspection of the disc brake pump which if there is a leak in the pump, then immediately replace it with a new one, now several types of pumps that Kuri007.com recommends for you, namely you can use a pump with the Nissin or Brembo brand, because if the pump you can only repair what has been damaged, then the damage will later re-occur to your brakes, because the pump’s performance is no longer optimal.
  • Then do a check on the hose that is on the pump that goes to the caliper, do a check so that there are no leaks that will cause the brake oil to come out.
  • Next, do a check on the performance of your brake pads, pay attention if the conditions on the pads are thinning, then immediately replace the brake pads with new ones, but if the condition of the pads is still thick, then just clean them using the wind generated from the compressor. .

If all of these anticipatory efforts have been done, my friend, enginemotor.co.id, then you can apply the next steps, which are as follows:

How To Blow Wind On Discs

This step is the next step, if we have done the above step. Well here is the chain of explanations:

How To Fix Problematic Disc Brakes
How to Fix “100% POWERFUL” Problem Disc Brakes

  • The first is to remove the caliper along with the disc.
  • Then place the hose and enter it into the oil drain hole, this is done so that we can find out if there is air in the caliper section.
  • Then do the pumping by pressing the brake lever 10 times and keep holding it as long as the pressure has entered on the count of 10.
  • Next, loosen some of the bolts that are attached around the disposal where you attached the hose earlier, then attach the bolts again, after that you can remove the brake lever.
  • You continue to do this until the air contained in the hose on the brake caliper is completely out, now as a sign that the wind has completely come out, then this will be seen as the brake linings appear to be moving forward and both will looks close to each other. Then when the brake oil has run out then you have to refill it up to the hight limit
  • If the positions of the two brake pads are still overlapping, thus making the wheel speed sluggish, then you can press it again by using a screwdriver on the edge of the brake pads until you see that the two pads are open to each other and adjust to the width of the disk and then you can reinstall it. the calipers.
  • If you have done all the methods above, friends, then it is certain that everything will work because some of the methods above are very effective and practical.

Those are the series of discussions this time that Kuri007.com can convey, with the hope that what we convey this time can be very helpful and useful for all friends.

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