Anne Taylor lawyer of Bryan Kohberger had also represented Xana Kernodle mother in a case

Anne Taylor lawyer of Bryan Kohberger had also represented Xana Kernodle mother in a case
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Bryan Kohberger is on trial for murder in Idaho, and public defender Anne Taylor is representing him, the same person who had worked with the mother of Xana Kernodle

Before that, she worked on a case involving Xana Kernodle’s mother. Court records show that Taylor quit being Cara Kernodle’s lawyer on January 5.

Anne Taylor lawyer of Bryan Kohberger had also represented Xana Kernodle mother Cara in a case

Cara was arrested on November 19, just a few days after the murder of her daughter, Xana. Since then, Taylor has been Cara’s lawyer in Kootenai County. However, she stopped being her lawyer after more than a month when a judge made her Kohberger’s public defender.

Taylor was moved from Cara’s case to Kohberger’s case on the same day that she quit working on Cara’s case. According to the court records, she was named Kohberger’s lawyer in the morning of January 5 and filed a brief for a change of counsel in the afternoon of that day.

The documents show that there was some overlap between the two clients. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office has put Xana Kernodle’s mother on a list of “Active Wanted Persons.” She is charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

How the Internet responds to the news of Anne Taylor representing conflict cases?

People are upset that she is working on Kohberger’s case after she dealt with the mother of one of the victims. “Its massive conflict of interest.”  said one user on Reddit.

What someone else said. “Seems like she should never have been assigned the case to begin with…”

One person said on Twitter, “And that will delay the judiciary process longer for new counsel to prepare. She should face disciplinary consequences if this is true.”

Who is Anne Taylor? Why is she so popular in Bryan Kohberger’ case?

Anne Taylor is a licenced American lawyer who works as chief of the Kootenai County Public Defender’s Office. She is representing Bryan Kohberger, who is accused of killing four University of Idaho students on November 13, 2022.

Reports that Bryan Kohberger’s defence lawyer had previously worked for the mother of Xana Kernodle, the student who was killed, call into question Taylor’s behaviour while he was representing the murder suspect.

The public defender, Anne Taylor, defended Kernodle’s mother on a misdemeanour charge and two felony charges, according to multiple reports that cited court documents from January 5, 2023. The public defender is said to have filed the document to stop representing the mother of the victim because doing so would make it hard for her to defend the person accused of the crime.

The court filing says that Taylor represented the mother of the victim from November 21, 2022, until January 5, 2023, when she asked the court to find a different lawyer.

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