Archery Equipment and Functions, Definition, Techniques –

Archery Equipment and Functions, Definition, Techniques –
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Archery equipment – Archery is a type of sport that really requires high concentration, even though this type of sport is very difficult to learn, with hard work and perseverance this sport can still be mastered.

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Archery Equipment Is

Archery is a type of sport that uses a bow and arrow and requires high concentration in order to hit the target precisely.

Archery itself in English is usually called archery.

Not everyone can learn this type of sport because archery is a type of sport that is difficult to learn.

Archery is a traditional cultural heritage from our ancestors and now archery has become an international sport.

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Archery equipment and its function


In archery, apart from bows and arrows, sufficient equipment is needed to support the success of the sport.

Some of the equipment needed in archery activities include:

1. Arrow

Archery is incomplete without arrows, which has another term, namely arrow.

Arrows are one of the most mandatory equipment in archery.

Below are several types of arrows commonly used in archery, namely:

The type of wooden arrow is the easiest type of arrow to find.

These arrows can be categorized as the most common arrows.

But the function of arrows made of wood is usually used for hunting.

Arrows made of wood are of poor quality when compared to other types of arrows.

This type of fiberglass arrow is generally used by beginner archers.

Because the price of fiberglass arrows is very cheap, so it is suitable for those who are still learning

Aluminum arrows are the best type of arrows when compared to wood and fiberglass arrows.

This type of aluminum arrow is the type of arrow that is used in every archery competition, so it’s only natural that arrows made of aluminum are the best.

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2. Bow and Arrow

A potential archer or archer must have a bow that we can call a bow.

Why is the bow the main activity in archery? because the bow is the factor used to determine how the arrow looks.

Bows and arrows must always be in harmony, because if they don’t match, it can trigger shots that can’t be maximized.

Conversely, a mismatch between a bow and arrow can overcome the shot so that a specific target cannot be determined.

There are two types of bows that are commonly used in archery, including:

  • Recurve bow
  • Busur one-piece

The archery community generally uses one or two of these types of arrows.

When choosing a bow, choose a bow with a degree of accuracy in the middle of the shot, where it is also good to have the ability to alias recurve work.

On the other hand, the assembler arrows make it easier for the user to replace the device in the event of a breakdown.

It is therefore cheaper to replace the device as the numbers do not have to be exchanged.

For this reason, recurve arches are becoming increasingly popular and valued for one piece.

The types of devices contained in an arrow include:

  • Handle: This section is the place where the archer can hold the bow.
  • Riser: It is the main part of the bow handle and also where the legs are placed on other accessories.
  • Stabilizer: This is the tool archers use to connect arches. Not only that, another use is a bottleneck for taking pictures.
  • Sight: This part is used by archers who can get high level shots.
  • String groove: Here you can attach a bow or rope.
  • Arrow Rest: In this section the arrow is on the front, mainly made of iron or plastic.
  • Sight Windo: This section is an additional accessory alias with the main function of facilitating visual compilation.
  • Extremity: Archers use this device as a spring energy store in the arch, and fortunately the arch can be dismantled at the extremes of current. With local production sheets, performance is somewhat poor if pairs are deleted too frequently.
  • Toe strings: The main function of this device is the transfer of energy from the archer’s hand to the extreme and vice versa. The material of the limb end strings is usually made of Kevlar, a synthetic material.
  • The center serving the nock point: this device is a holder on the side of the bowstring and the arrow holder is placed with a specially made iron. But there are also those who have spun yarn.

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3. Bowstring

Ropes or strings are other archery equipment that is just as important and mandatory as a bow.

The bowstring material is made of nylon monofilament and can be uncomfortable for inexperienced archers to use. Sore fingers and other frequent technical triggers.

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History of Archery

The history of archery has been found since 10,000-9,000 BC and was originally made using pine wood which had a length of about 15-20 centimeters.

Meanwhile, bows and arrows before the kingdom was a culture from Greece.

Over time, bows and arrows were made into war tools by the Persians, Parthians and Indians.

Then archery in 1844 in a national archery competition under the name GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) in 1879 America held a national championship in the city of Chicgo.

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