Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge, Who Is Archie Battersbee? How Did Archie Battersbee Died? Archie Battersbee Wiki, Age, Parents, And More

Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge, Who Is Archie Battersbee? How Did Archie Battersbee Died? Archie Battersbee Wiki, Age, Parents, And More
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Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge

A few reports added that Archie accessed TikTok the day Archie suffered a catastrophic brain injury. Still, no strong reports or sources were announcing that Archie Battersbee was a part of the challenge. However, there was news that took part in the “blackout challenge”; this is what the term we can gain from their court. And his parents fought a long battle to save the ventilator from being turned off; however, he died in the event, saving his life. We were able to fetch insights related to the Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge after referring to theguardian.

Who Is Archie Battersbee?

Archie Battersbee was found dead unconscious, and this incident happened on 7 April 2022. He is a 12-year-old boy who passed away from brain damage. His parents fought their best to prevent Barts Health NHS Trust from turning off his life support. However, the court was not supporting his parents, so they allowed the NHS Trust to turn off life support. Sadly the 12-year-old passed away as a result.

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How Did Archie Battersbee Died?

Archie died of a catastrophic brain injury on 7 April at his home based in Southend (Essex). A ligature was spotted above his head. It is believed that his death was an injury resulting from taking part in a tiktok trend challenge known as the “blackout challenge” This indicates that social media played a major role in destroying his life. However, many reports suggested that there was no evidence pointing out that Archie took part in the tiktok challenge. We were able to fetch these details after referring to theguardian.

Archie Battersbee Wiki

Archie Battersbee is a British-based boy who was subject to several court hearings in the months of April and August 2022. The case is whether to withdraw his life support or to proceed with the ventilator supplies. His father and mother strived their level hard to save him, and they fought a long battle to keep the medical support on. Sadly the little boy passed away after suffering a brainstem death.

Archie Battersbee Age

Archie Battersbee is a young soul who has departed from our world. Social media played a big impact in his death. You might wonder what Archie Battersbee’s age is, or you might have predicted the age of Archie Battersbee. But let’s see if your prediction goes well with Archie Battersbee’s age as of 2022. Well, Archie Battersbee was 12 as of 2022 before he passed away. We were able to sort out the insight regarding Archie’s age after referring them to the guardian.

Archie Battersbee Parents

Archie Battersbee’s parents were Paul Battersbee and Hollie Dance. Archie’s mom Hollie was 46 years old, and his dad Paul was 56 years old. His parents tried their level best to prevent Archie Battersbee’s life support from being turned off. Paul and Hollie fought a long fight to save their sun, but that ended in an ultimate unsuccessful. After referring to BBC, we fetched the insights related to Archie Battersbee’s parents.


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