Arnaut Danjuma Tottenham salary, contract details and transfer fee

Arnaut Danjuma Tottenham salary, contract details and transfer fee
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Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur have completed a loan deal with Villarreal winger Arnaut Danjuma, with a rumored permanent clause involved, find out how much the club are paying along with his salary and transfer fee

Prior to Tottenham, Everton were almost on the verge of signing Danjuma, with a deal all finalized.

Arnaut Danjuma Tottenham salary, contract details and loan transfer fee

Everton’s decision to sack Frank Lampard on Monday however, caused Danjuma to reconsider other options.

Tottenham have swooped in to sign Arnaut Danjuma

According to the ‘The Athletic’s’ David Ornstein, Danjuma has headed for a loan spell with Tottenham Hotspur instead of Everton.

Tottenham have made a swift move and have swooped in on the last minute to hijack Everton’s supposed deal. To understand how close Everton was on signing the deal, Danjuma had even undergone a medical with the Toffees. This means that a move was imminent, and it would have happened if not for the delay and new developments.

Tottenham permanent clause fee for Arnaut Danjuma

Besides offering a loan deal, Tottenham reportedly put in a permanent clause fee. The Spanish outfit initially wanted £2.5million for the loan deal and then a further £27million permanent clause fee. Tottenham reportedly agreed to the deal making a dramatic last minute move.

Everton on the other hand were only planning to sign Danjuma on loan without any mention of a permanent clause. And with the Toffees struggling in the Premier League, it seems unlikely for any player to make a permanent move.

However, reports indicate that Tottenham didn’t just move in to hijack the deal from Everton. Spurs had already offered Danjuma with a deal on Monday following the sacking of Lampard. They were more than happy take Danjuma to London, and maybe set up for a permanent move by the end of the season.

A second chance

Whatever the case is, the Dutch winger will have a second chance of proving himself in the Premier League irrespective of which team he joins. Danjuma previously played for Bournemouth in the top flight but struggled to make his presence known. However, if Danjuma manages to impress Spurs, his £27million permanent clause may well get triggered.

Arnaut Danjuma earns £34,000 per week, £1,768,000 per year playing for Villarreal. Arnaut Danjuma’s net worth is £7,997,080 and his current contract expires June 30, 2026.

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