Artificial Intelligence | Research and Which Majors to Pick

Artificial Intelligence | Research and Which Majors to Pick
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This video covers artificial intelligence, research being done in the field, what major to pick to get started, and a more detailed description on how machine learning works.

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly fast growing field with more and more innovations coming up all the time. You can see artificial intelligence being used in finance, gaming, healthcare, self driving cars, email spam filtering, and much more.

One of the big fields of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Machine learning is making software that is able to learn from past experiences. One example of this is AlphaGo which is an A.I. project made by deepmind that was able to beat the best go player in the world, in a game of go. AlphaGo wasn’t programmed with strategies though, it was just programmed to learn.

Deep learning is often done through the use of neural networks which I talk about in this video using a simple example.

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Artificial Intelligence | Research and Which Majors to Pick
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