Australian Open Badminton 2022 Doubles Results Today, Day 2 Schedule, Date, Time, Draw, Score, Live Stream

Australian Open Badminton 2022 Doubles Results Today, Day 2 Schedule, Date, Time, Draw, Score, Live Stream
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On Tuesday, 2022 Australian Open badminton kicked-off with first-round ties of mixed doubles category, we examine latest results, scores, upcoming schedule, scores, tickets & streaming details

After Satwik & Chirag’s withdrawal from 2022 Australian Open badminton, Indian medal hopes took serious hit as unseeded Simran & Ritika along with Rutaparna & Swetaparna are left as only representatives from India in doubles category.

BWF Australian Open Badminton Tournament 2022 Doubles Category Results Today, Day 2 Schedule, Date, Time, Draw, Tickets, Players, Prize Money, Live Stream

2022 Australian Open Badminton Doubles Category Results Today, Day 2 Schedule, Fixtures, & First Round Schedule

On inaugural day of Australian Open badminton tournament, mixed doubles first-round matches were played and despite withdrawal of many seeded pairs, Australian young shuttlers wowed the crowd with their stellar performances. After withdrawal of top-three seeded pairs, fourth-seeded Korean duo Seo & Chae are the highest-ranked participant and they didn’t disappoint as they won in straight-set by score of 21-8, 21-10 against local pair Dylan & Anona. Elsewhere, seventh-seeded Yuki & Misaki won by score of 17-21, 21-15, 21-16 after an intense match against Indonesian duo Amri & Winny.

Rutaparna & Swetaparna will compete against Taiwanese couple Lee & Teng in the first round, while Simran & Ritika will open their campaign against Indonesian combination Puspita Sari & Rachel Rose. Surprisingly, there won’t be any Indian teams competing in the mixed doubles or men’s doubles competition. India’s chances of taking home a medal in the doubles competition are modest because of an unfavorable draw and low turnout. For this upcoming event, tickets can be bought from here.

Mixed Doubles First Round Results

Australia A Ramadiansyah 8 7
Australian MD Nurlia
Chinese Taipei Ye H-w 21 21
Chinese Taipei Lee C-h

South Korea Kim W-h 21 21
South Korea Jeong N-e
Australia HD Tang 11 9
Australia M Almazan

New Zealand A Jeffrey 13 11
New Zealand J Villegas
Chinese Taipei Chang K-c 21 21
Chinese Taipei Lee C-c

New Zealand J Wang 21 21
New Zealand E Calder-Hawkins
Australia K Xu 7 13
Australia S Tjonadi

Thailand N Phuangphuapet
Australia Poon L Y
Indonesia D Ferdinansyah 21 22
Indonesia GE Widjaja

Japan H Midorikawa 21 19 12
Japan N Saito
Chinese Taipei Yang P-hs 17 21 21
Chinese Taipei Hu L-f

Japan Y Kaneko 17 21 21
Japan M Matsutomo
Indonesia A Syahnawi 21 15 16
Indonesia WO Kandow

Chinese Taipei Lee Y 21 22
Chinese Taipei Lin W-c
Indonesia AB Cahyono 10 20
Indonesia M G Islami

South Korea Lee J-s 21 21
Australia C Ho
Australia B Kwok 18 19
Australia E Kwok

Japan K Yamashita 21 21
Japan N Shinoya
Australia K Choo Z H 15 8
Australia G Somerville

Chinese Taipei Lee J-h 10 16
Chinese Taipei Hsu Y-c
Singapore T Hee 21 21
Singapore Tan W H

New Zealand D Soedjasa 8 10
New Zealand A Pak
South Korea Seo S-j 21 21
South Korea Chae Y-j

Australia Lim M C 20 13
Australia S Kurniawan
South Korea Kim Y-h 22 21
South Korea Lee Y-l

Australia Goh X H 3 4
Australia PE Viravong
China Feng YZ 21 21
China Huang DP

Australia P S Low 15 10
Australia Y Zhang
Indonesia A Maulana 21 21
Indonesia NV Marwah

Japan Y Nishikawa 21 21
Japan S Ozaki
Australia J Hong 3 11
Australia V Tjonadi

Men’s Doubles First Round Schedule

Australia J Schueler
Australia N Tang
Japan H Okamura
Japan M Onodera

South Korea Kang M-h
South Korea Seo S-j
Chinese Taipei Lu C-y
Chinese Taipei Yang P-h

Malaysia Ong YS
Malaysia Teo EY
New Zealand A Jeffrey
New Zealand D Soedjasa

Australia B Halim
Australia B Kwok
China He JT
China Zhou HD

China Liang WK
China Wang C
Australia J Hong
Australia K Xu

Indonesia SK Gutama
Indonesia M R P Isfahani
Chinese Taipei Chang K-c
Chinese Taipei Po L-w

South Korea Jin Y
South Korea Kim Y-h
Chinese Taipei Lee J-h
Chinese Taipei Yang P-hs

Japan And Who
Japan T Saito
Australia L Defolky
Australia R So

Australia J Hong
Australia K Xu
Australia K Choo
Australia M C Lim

Australia A Dolman
Australia P S Low
Chinese Taipei F-c Lee
Chinese Taipei F-j Lee

China Ren XY
Chinese Tan Q
China Liu YC
China Or XY

Australia F Kurniawan
Australia M Lim
Japan K Matsui
Japan Y Takeuchi

Chinese Taipei Su C-h
Chinese Taipei Ye H-w
Chinese Taipei Lee Y
Chinese Taipei Wang C-l

Women’s Doubles First Round Schedule

Japan N Matsuyama
Japan C Shida
Chinese Taipei Hsu Y-c
Chinese Taipei Lin W-c

Australia S Tjonadi
Australia V Tjonadi
Indonesia M Mamahit
Indonesia T Nadia

South Korea Baek H-n
South Korea Lee Y-l
Canada R Honderich
Canada K Tsai

Thailand B Aimsaard
Thailand N Aimsaard
Australia Chen H-y
Australia G Somerville

Thailand J Kititharakul
Thailand R Prajongjai
Indonesia FD Kusuma
Indonesia AC Pratiwi

Japan R Hirokami
Japan Y Kato
Japan R Miyaura
Japan A Sakuramoto

South Korea Jeong N-e
South Korea Kim H-j
Japan S Hobara
Japan H Suzuki

Australia L Ma
Australia V Ma
Indonesia LT Mayasari
Indonesia R Sugiarto

India S Singhi
India R Thacker
Indonesia MT Puspita Sari
Indonesia R A Rose

Chinese Taipei Sung S-y
Chinese Taipei Yu C-h
China Zhang SX
Chinese Zheng Y

Malaysia V Hoo
Malaysia Lim CS
Australia M Almazan
Australia T Ho

Chinese Taipei Hu L-f
Chinese Taipei Lin X-m
Japan Y Fukushima
Japan S Hirota

Chinese Taipei Lee C-h
Chinese Taipei Teng C-h
India R Panda
Indian S Panda

Australia C Ho
Australia YR Zhang
Japan R Iwanaga
Japan K Nakanishi

Australia S Kurniawan
Australia Poon L Y
Singapore Jin YJ
Singapore C Wong

New Zealand E Calder-Hawkins
New Zealand A Pak
Japan M Matsumoto
Japan W Nagahara

Points Award System

The champion’s title, which is worth 7,000 BWF Points and might have a big impact on the BWF World Rankings, will be the goal of every contestant. Rutaparna & Swetaparna pair will be motivated to triumph in this ongoing BWF Super 300 tournament and, ideally, advance in the rankings. Due to the participation of numerous top-ranked competitors, their objective won’t be simple.

Winner Runner-up 3/4 5/8 9/16 17/32 33/64 65/128
7,000 5,950 4,900 3,850 2,750 1,670 660 320

Prize Money Pool Distribution

Each doubles category winner in this BWF World Tour Super 300 event will receive $14,220, while the runner-up will walk away with $6,840. First-round losers, though, will have to go home empty-handed. Many Australian doubles teams will not be awarded any prizes after being eliminated in the first round.

Event Winner Finalist Semi-finals Quarter-finals Last 16
Singles $13,500 $6,840 $2,610 $1,080 $630
Doubles $14,220 $6,840 $2,520 $1,305 $675

When And Where to Watch: Live Stream & Telecast Australian Open Badminton

Wednesday’s exciting women’s doubles first-round matches at the 2022 Australian Open will feature Rutaparna & Swetaparna vs. Lee & Teng and Simran & Ritika vs. Puspita & Rose. Along with all other first-round matches, live coverage of these ties will be broadcast on Voot Select and BWF’s official YouTube channel.

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