Axis Hitz Free Internet Tricks Hack Using Anonytun 2022 Kuri007 Detail Explored

Axis Hitz Free Internet Tricks Hack Using Anonytun 2022 Kuri007
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Tricks to Break into Axis Free Internet Using Anonytun – This time, I will share a trick to break into the Axis Hitz OPOK free web (without credit and without quota) using the Anonytun application.

The way it works is quite simple, namely by taking advantage of the free FB service profit available on Axis Hitz by converting it into a regular quota.

We will take advantage of the bug in the provision for using the free FB, so if we have the free FB package, we can convert it to a regular quota using Anonytun.

But if you want to use this trick, it is recommended not to have credit or quota, because this trick is without credit and quota, if you have credit or quota, your credit or quota will be cut off.

Axis free web trick to Change FB Package to Regular Quota with Anonytun

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1. Sign up for the Free All Day FB Package

The first step is that you have to register for the all-day FB package which is available on the *123# menu, it is recommended to turn off cellular data first. Then dial *123#, a menu like the following will appear:

You can see that in menu number 2 there is a FREE FB option all day, you need to be reminded again to dial without cellular data.

But if the menu doesn’t exist then you have to try it a few hours later, then the menu will certainly reappear.

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If the menu is available then you just select menu number 3 which is FREE FB all day, then a menu like this will appear:

In the picture above, it can be seen that normally the package costs Rp. 500, but when we made this trick the package was FREE or without credit.

If so, select number 1 (continue) then wait a few minutes for a reply message from Axis. You can check again on the *123# menu

Now it can be seen that if you have chosen a package, the FREE FB All Day menu is gone. And will reappear a few hours later or the next day.

After you choose the package, you will get a reply message from Axis as follows:

After you get a reply like the picture above, your package has been successfully activated, you can check it by dialing *889#

It can be seen in menu number 1 that the FB Limitless BONUS Package is already active.

2. How to Set Anonymous

After previously activating the FREE FB Everyday package, then the next step is to change the package to a regular quota by setting the Anonytun application, you can get the application here.

After you download and set up Anonytun, open the application and then the settings are as follows:

  1. In Premium is : OFF, slide the button so that the menu becomes Premium is : ON
  2. Then select Enter Settings then the settings in “Protocol and Connection” select HTTP, in “Port and Connection” enter 80, and check the “PROTOCOL TCP/HTTP Private”, as shown below.
  3. Still on the same menu click “EDIT PROTOCOL TCP/HTTP” a menu will appear and enter the bug “”, in our method select “GET”, and check the “On-line Host” and “Preserve- Alive” as shown below.
  4. If we have clicked the “GENERAR” button then select save.
  5. The last step, if we have saved all the settings that we have filled in, the last step is we click the “START” button and wait until the process or menu changes to “CONNECTED”.
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Now if you are connected then you can surf the internet for free without credit or quota, this trick can be used for looking, chatting, or streaming YouTube as much as you like.

But it must be noted that you do not close the application or you can lock it so that the Anonytun application is not closed.

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This is the discussion about the Axis Hitz OPOK free web hacking trick (without credit and without quota) using the Anonytun application. Hopefully the tricks that we share can be useful and good luck.


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