‘Batang Z’ Actress Flora Gasser Passed Away

‘Batang Z’ Actress Flora Gasser Passed Away
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In recent news, actress Flora Gasser has died. Taking to Facebook, the veteran star’s granddaughter Valerie Ocampo wrote, “Our Lola, Flora, passed away yesterday and is now with the Lord and with our Lolo Harry”. “Thank you for your condolences”, added Valerie further. Well, ever since the announcement of the news, netizens have flooded the internet with tributary posts and condolence messages. Here, in this article, check what happened to her and what was her cause of death. Get all the details regarding her death below.

Batang Z Actress Flora Gasser Passed Away cause of death

Actress Flora Gasser Passed Away

After the news was announced on social media, people came forward and mourned her death. No one seems to believe that the veteran actress has left the world so early and has left everyone in profound grief. Apart from sharing the saddening piece of news, not much information about her cause of death was revealed. It is assumed that she would have died because of old-age-related health complications. As Flora already turned a certain age which resulted in her getting health-wise problems, she died. Now, the world has come forward and has mourned her death which has actually left everyone shattered.

Who Was Flora Gasser?

Valerie Ocampo wrote that Flora passed away yesterday and is now with Lord and with our Lolo Harry. She added that her wake will be at Room 304, St. Peter’s Chapel Commonwealth, QC. Viewing will start today, November 20, 2022, at 3 PM onwards until November 22, 2022.

Thank you for your condolences, added her. The news of her passing has surfaced all over the internet and has saddened many of her fans and well-wishers. It is no doubt to say that the sudden passing of the actress has shaken everyone to the core and people are rushing to social media to pay her heartfelt tributes.

Although not much is known about the actress, it is said that Flora Gasser is a renowned actress whose acting skills impressed many. She gained a lot of followers because of her acting too which speaks volumes about her talent. Needless to say, Gasser was too talented and always loved to explore new things came her way. Now, her passing has saddened many and her fans are mourning her death and extending their deepest condolences to her family and friends. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates and news.



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