(BB16) Bigg Boss 26th November 2022 Episode Written Update: Kajol Comes To The Show

(BB16) Bigg Boss 26th November 2022 Episode Written Update: Kajol Comes To The Show
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Hello, all the Bigg Boss 16 lovers, finally the weekend is here along with the fresh episodes of your favorite and highly controversial TV reality show. As Saturday, 26th November 2022 episode is bringing high voltage drama, as Salman Khan is inviting the parent’s panel where Tina, Shalin, and Sumbul’s parents will come on the stage because of the exploit which Sumbul’s father made at the time of making the excuse of ill-health. Even, a strange dispute will take place between all of them, where Tina’s mother will slam Sumbul’s father due to his abusive nature as he abused her daughter.

BB16 Bigg Boss 26th November 2022 Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 26th November 2022 Episode Written Update

Even, Shalin’s father agrees with Tina’s mother as she is condemning the actions of Sumbul’s father as he gave her such information that is roaming outside, and even used inappropriate words for Tina and Shalin while ignoring the mistakes of his daughter. Therefore, Tina’s mother says that he should have taught his daughter some manners to stay inside the BB house, as they did not share their kids in the kinder garden. Meanwhile, she asks him to apologize for the certain things he made under the shed of ill health because in the conversation he did not talk about his health.

At the same time, Sumbul’s father says that Tina has passed plenty of inappropriate words to Sumbul and in spite of this, she did not even think that Tina should apologize for all those words. She replies that Tina is appearing in the show and Bigg Boss is not a kinder garden where they are going through such stuff, and this is the reason, they are dealing with their own problems.

Their parents are not applicable to interfere in their game while providing information about outside, which is quite inappropriate, especially while making an excuse for ill health which requires a penalty.

After all these, Salman Khan invites Kajol onto the stage as she is coming to promote her upcoming movie, and as two friends are going to meet on the same stage so you can suppose how would the episode be amazing. Because they are going to share their past stuff as they had fun together on the set of the movies, as they have been friends for the last few decades and still having the same bond which is quite priceless. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast



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