Bengkulu Traditional House – Characteristics of the House and Getting to Know Bengkulu Customs –

Bengkulu Traditional House – Characteristics of the House and Getting to Know Bengkulu Customs –
– #Bengkulu #Traditional #House #Characteristics #House #Bengkulu #Customs – Bengkulu Traditional House, Traditional house from Bengkulu province. This house has a model like a stilt house, which is supported by several columns. This house is not a place to live in general. Bengkulu province has a position in the southwestern part of the island of Sumatra. It is bordered by West Sumatra, Lampung in the south and Jambi in the east.

In this discussion, we will explain in full and clearly, namely the Bengkulu Traditional House and its explanation. For a full review, come on… Check it out as follows.

What does Bangalore mean?

Bengkulu is a province in the southwest region of the island of Sumatra, which has a location in the area west of Bukit Barisan. The Embryos of Bengkulu Society have existed since ancient times and then have developed when migrants from Asia mixed.

Assimilation gave birth to various ethnic groups in Bengkulu, including the Rejang, Pasemah or Serawai, Lembak, Kaur, Katahun, and Bengkulu tribes.

Culture among the people of Bengkulu grew and developed rapidly, especially in the 15th to 17th centuries, and received great influence from the Inderapura Kingdom, which ruled West Sumatra, which borders Bengkulu. As a result of its culture is included in the traditional house.

Within the traditional community, Bengkulu has various types of traditional houses, such as Bubungan Lima, Umeak Cut Jang, Kubung Beranak, Broken Nine and others. Puncak Lima which is relatively the most popular was chosen to represent a traditional Bengkulu house.

Characteristics of Bengkulu Traditional Houses

There are several characteristics in this traditional house, among them are the following:

a. Low part

The lower part uses wood, which is actually the same as other traditional Indonesian houses and has an average use of wood. In Bubungan or Bengkulu Traditional Houses in general, you can use wooden or bamboo boards that have been made, for example boards.

In addition, there are characteristics of five lower ridge houses. There are also so-called splints, thick bamboo, which have been fixed on a plank floor. The splint is used to ward off enemies from under the house. Considering that the traditional house is used to protect the owner because of the tribal war.

b. Space and Function

The first space and function that can characterize the Bengkulu Malay stilt house or the Bubungan Lima house in general and its various functions. The first is Berendo, where traditional Bengkulu houses have a special reception area where one can relax in the morning and evening. Also often used for children to stop playing rubber, congkai and so on.

c. Different Top

In Lima there is also a striking feature, namely the separation of the top, middle and bottom. As already mentioned, the upper inner roof is made of coconut fiber or bamboo, while modern houses are made of corrugated iron.

In addition, the ridge has some shape. In addition, these housings use rollers, pacemakers, or beams, hoods, or frames attached to the rafters. Latten on the roof and Listplang, Suyuk as editor.

d. Rear Bend

Rumah Bubungan Lima must use a verandah, which is a place for women and families to relax in the afternoon and at night. It can also be used as a big cook in conditions of large activities or events while talking or doing things that are usually done by women.

Get to know the Traditional House

Traditional houses in Bengkulu are part of the traditional stilt houses. Usually made from Medang Kemuning or Surian Balam wood, where the wood has a durable and smooth character.

In general, this traditional house has a height of about 15 1.8 meters high with stone floors. It has a pyramid-shaped roof with a height of 3.5 meters. It has a staircase and wooden floors, as well as an odd number of steps.

Because it is in line with Bengkulu Customs. The house consists of several parts, namely Barendo as a place to receive guests who send messages, Halle receives guests from very close relatives.

The drum room is a family bedroom, the girl’s hut is a place for girls to sleep and drink, the living room is usually used to receive guests for the housewife or the girl’s close relatives and sometimes as a reading dining room.

Garang is a kitchen, water, and back barendo reservoir which functions to relax women to relieve a feeling of fatigue after completing a task.

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Thus the discussion this time, we have conveyed in full and clear, namely the Bengkulu Traditional House and its characteristics. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.



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