Bishop Salifu Amoako blasts USA church members for paying 1 dollar as an offertory » Kuri007•com™ Detail Explored

Bishop Salifu Amoako blasts USA church members for paying 1 dollar as an offertory » Kuri007•com™
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Bishop Salifu Amoako, Basic Overseer of Alive Chapel Worldwide, couldn’t imagine it when some congregants began passing round one-dollar payments as choices.

A video of the self-proclaimed “man of God” lecturing at an American church, the place he had reportedly been invited as a visitor preacher, has been making the rounds on-line.

The churchgoers had been tired of worshipping and realizing God, so he started angrily telling the pastor who known as him over to not do it once more.

To witness God’s work of their life, he says, folks have to make better sacrifices, not little choices that quantity to nothing.

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He elaborated on the subject of sacrifices, saying that those that contribute to God whereas receiving nothing in return mustn’t have their hopes raised.

Within the video, he was heard saying: You determined to offer 1, 1 dollar which has no worth. Let me train you small. Your drawback is your mindset. Your angle is what determines your altitude in life. How will you give God a dollar? You, a human being, made up of flesh and blood.

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The factor I requested you to do, you didn’t get it. It’s best to have positioned a price on it. A few of you had been utilizing your left hand and throwing it.

Bishop Amoako later turned to the pastor who invited him: Please subsequent time come and do your church. After I offer you my phrase, I give it. I don’t go to locations the place folks don’t honour God.

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He later turned to the gang once more together with his stunned outlook: A few of you’re blessed, and you’re driving a automotive, and also you give like this? Even Muslims and idol worshippers don’t try this. Ei! I’m stunned. Wonders shall by no means finish, he climaxed.

The Bishop, in the meantime, ended his sermon over the “insulting” assortment.


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