Blue Lock Episode 8 Release Date Time Preview & Spoilers Where To Watch Online?

Blue Lock Episode 8 Release Date Time Preview & Spoilers Where To Watch Online?
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Hello, all the anime/manga series lovers, finally your patience is going to get over as the makers of your favorite series “Blue Lock” are all set to release “Blue Lock Episode 8” officially on Crunchyroll and Funimation, which you all were impatiently waiting for. So just be ready to get the series as only a few moments are left in the broadcasting and you get the series at your comfort. But you just need to make sure, that your app subscription should remain ahead as everything is paid there and without having it you won’t get the series. Below you can explore further information such as release date & time, spoiler, etc.

Blue Lock Episode 8 Release Date Time Preview & Spoilers Where To Watch Online

The makers are releasing “Blue Lock Episode 8” on the 27th of November 2022 officially on Crunchyroll but the timings are different as the makers set the multiple timing according to the comfortzone of your country because worldwide releasing at the same time could be a bit difficult for the makers. This is the reason, they have set the entire chart of releasing, and thus while following such a schedule the series will be delivered in your country. But for that, you must check the released information which we have mentioned here already.

Blue Lock Episode 8 Release Date

Release Date:- Monday, 27th November 2022

Now, if we talk about the spoiler, the series is revolving around the main lead Chigiri and Rensuke, who ties his bun and offers him a hairband as well. Meanwhile, he shares his personal stuff while making him aware with his family as he is having 2 sisters with whom he is in good books and cares for them as well while bringing them out from all those circumstances which created obstacles for them. Chigiri hears everything and says why he is sharing all this with him, but thanks him as well for showing trust.

Now if we talk about the release timings of the series, initially it is releasing in Japan on the 26th of November 2022 and later, will be taken place in the rest of the world. In India the series will release at around 12:30 am, Pacific timing at around 11:00 am, British timing at around 07:00 pm, Eastern timing at around 02:00 pm, in the Philippine timing at around 03:00 am, and in Australia the series will be released at around 05:30 am. At the time of following these times you will get the series, so watch it at the correct time for more details stay tuned with us, and do follow Social Telecast.



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