Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Winner, Rewards And Prize Money Pool Distribution

Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Winner, Rewards And Prize Money Pool Distribution
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Zeta Division Zero won the 2022 Brawl Stars World Finals after displaying outstanding talent in the major competition, know the winner prize money

The side defeated their rival Zeta Division One by a scoreline of 4-1 in the Grand Finals to claim the coveted trophy. The Japanese team received a prize check for $400,000. Tensai, their standout player, won MVP honours in the championship game.

Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Winner, Rewards, Prize Money Pool Distribution

The three-day event had total prize money of $1 million and concluded on November 27. It featured a single-elimination bracket structure, and a total of 16 teams from all around the world played in the competition.

Eight of the 16 teams competed in the Round of 16 over two days, and it was the culmination of the first phase. Zeta Division One from Japan won the first game against Chasmac Gaming EU to advance to the following round, where they met Totem Esports (who defeated Vatra Gaming in their previous match). The Japanese team was successful in winning and advanced to the Semifinals. They advanced to the competition’s Grand Finals after putting up yet another outstanding performance in the Semifinals.

However, Zeta Division Zero also had a strong start to their season and defeated Chasmac Gaming EU in the Round of 16. In the Quarterfinals, they played Tribe Gaming EU and defeated them 3-1 to eliminate them from the competition. The team faced up against Tribe Gaming in the Semifinals (who defeated SK Gaming in the Quarterfinals). Zeta Division Zero won another outstanding game to reach the Grand Finals.

Prize pool distribution for the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022

  1. Zeta Division Zero – $400K
  2. Zeta Division One – $200K
  3. STMN Esports – $80K
  4. Tribe Gaming – $80K
  5. Totem Esports – $30K
  6. Team Queso – $30K
  7. Tribe Gaming EU – $30K
  8. SK Gaming – $30K
  9. Chasmac Gaming EU – $15K
  10. Vatra Gaming – $15K
  11. AC Milan Clash – $15K
  12. Stalwart Esports – $15K
  13. Zest LATAM – $15K
  14. Chasmac Gaming BR – $15K
  15. Born to Win – $15K
  16. Reconic Esports – $15K

After dominating every match up until that point in the campaign, both Japanese teams met in the Grand Finals. Zeta Division Zero won the first round of finals, and Zeta Division One won the second round.

Then team won three rounds in a row to win the title. Tensai, their standout player, was crucial to the team’s success in winning the championship. The 2021 Brawl Stars World Finals runner-up Natus Vincere struggled and was defeated by Tribe Gaming in the opening round of the competition. Team Queso defeated Stalwart Esports, who made their debut in August 2022 but were unable to compete.


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