Bright Future By Becoming a Civil Servant – Kuri007

Bright Future By Becoming a Civil Servant – Kuri007
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Bright Future By Becoming a Civil Servant

Bright Future By Becoming a Civil Servant – A career as a Civil Servant (PNS) is one thing that is coveted by various Indonesian people. Many people say that civil servants are the safest and most stable profession than other jobs. Therefore, one position in an agency can be contested by thousands of people in the CPNS selection which is held every year.

But what exactly are the advantages of being a civil servant that many people want?

On this occasion, graduates will explain the advantages of being a civil servant, so that Dik graduates are more confident in preparing for the selection of civil servants. Let’s talk about it!

10 benefits of being a civil servant that many people want

1. Regular income

The advantage of being the first civil servant is a steady income. In contrast to private employees whose income is determined by industry conditions and company performance, civil servants’ incomes tend to be stable.

Civil servant salary increases are also generally higher than annual inflation, making civil servants suitable for graduate students who prefer income stability. Plus, in addition to the basic salary, civil servants also get various other benefits.

2. Free from layoffs

The advantage of being a civil servant is that this profession is free from the possibility of termination of employment (PHK). Civil servants are free from layoffs because their role in serving the community will continue to be needed, regardless of any economic crisis.

In certain urgent cases, ministries or non-state institutions established by the government may be dissolved due to government policies. However, even if this happens, civil servants who work in these institutions will be transferred to other institutions that are still operating well.

Some of the situations that can cause a civil servant to be revoked are when he violates the rules to commit a criminal act.

In addition to these two things, the revocation of civil servant status is also carried out if a civil servant enters politics, such as proposing himself as Head of State, Head of Region, becoming Deputy of DPR/DPD, or joining a political party.

3. Get Retirement Benefits

As a reciprocal service of civil servants to the state, the state also guarantees the economic continuity of civil servants when civil servants enter retirement.

Although not actively serving the community, the government will still provide a monthly salary for retired civil servants, in accordance with the provisions of the law. In fact, the wife of a retired civil servant will still receive a pension from her husband after his death.

4. Proficient in English both spoken and written

If Dik graduates prioritize the clarity of career paths, becoming a civil servant may be the answer for Dik graduates. The career path of a civil servant is very clear, because it is regulated by the state in law.

Promotion will certainly increase salaries, benefits, and facilities as well, so that the life of civil servants is guaranteed.

5. Vehicles and home facilities

An interesting advantage of being a civil servant is the opportunity to get official vehicles and housing facilities. This facility will greatly facilitate the mobility and well-being of a person.

However, of course not all civil servants get this facility, only some civil servants who excel and have a strategic position.

6. Ease of applying for a loan to the bank

Another advantage of being a civil servant is the ease of applying for a loan from a bank. If a civil servant needs a lot of cash, such as to buy or repair a house, send his children to school, or other needs, the civil servant can guarantee his certificate of appointment, called a civil servant decree, to the bank. That way, the loan installments will be deducted from their salary every month.

7. Able to work in a team or individually

If Dik graduates want to pursue a career in accordance with the field of science being studied, then the civil servant profession will be a suitable profession for Dik graduates. Until now, one of the things that is considered in the selection of civil servants is a strict educational background.

If one’s qualifications do not match the formation and qualifications required, then one’s application for the position is automatically disqualified.

8. Facilities for Further Education

If the graduate student is someone who is interested in continuing his education as high as possible, then the decision to become a civil servant is the right decision. Scholarship opportunities to continue their education to the next level are very high for civil servants, both from within the country and abroad.

Of course, this opportunity is accompanied by several conditions, one of which is that the graduate student must have worked in the graduate student’s position for two years and must obtain permission from the leadership.

In addition to formal education, a civil servant can also gain more knowledge through various events, such as seminars, training, and other training events. There is no need to worry about costs, because the institution or institution where the civil servant works will pay for it.

9. Ease of moving agencies or locations

If in the course of his career a civil servant wants to serve in another agency or change location, the civil servant does not have to worry about being fired. Because, unlike private employees, as civil servants, civil servants will be easier to move from one agency to another without having to resign or resign.

The same applies if a civil servant has plans to change locations. Indeed, the process of relocating an agency or relocating an assignment location is quite time consuming and requires a lot of documents, but this is very common.

‍10. Fixed working hours

Another interesting advantage of being a civil servant is the fixed working hours. These working hours depend on the operating hours of each agency, but in general civil servants work from 08.00 to 16.00. Civil servants also have fixed working hours, from Monday to Friday.

The possibility of overtime is very small, so that a civil servant generally has free time to do other activities, such as opening a side business.

Those are the 10 advantages of being the most popular civil servant among CPNS selection participants. Because it is safe from layoffs and pension guarantees, this profession is highly desired by people who want income and career stability.

If Dik graduates believe that they will pursue a career as civil servants, Dik graduates can take classes to prepare for CPNS selection, you know. Check the CPNS class right now and immediately register yourself for WhatsApp Bang pass.

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