Cara Pesan Starbucks Secret Menu Offline & Online Drive Thru! –

Cara Pesan Starbucks Secret Menu Offline & Online Drive Thru! –
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Cara Pesan Starbucks Secret Menu Offline & Online Drive Thru! – Check out how to order at Starbucks or this modern cafe. Drinking coffee at a cafe while chatting with loved ones is a new hobby nowadays.

Many people like to linger in coffee shops just to sip their drinks or post Instagram.

After that, the love for coffee made cafes and Starbucks increasingly mushrooming. There are new coffee shops in every corner of the city competing with each other to offer the best products.

However, many are still wondering how to order coffee at these places.

The reason is, this is actually relatively new and takes practice so you can get used to it. So, what’s the way to do it? Check out the reviews from the admin discussion below.

How to Order at Starbucks and Modern Cafes Offline

Cara Pesan Starbucks Secret Menu Offline & Online Drive Thru!

Order at the Cafe

Please visit the cafe that is currently viral whether on news, tiktok, Instagram or what you want first.

Search is aware of its location and what menus are there. Choosing the right cafe is important, considering that each cafe has a different menu and area plan.

If you have got the decision, immediately visit the cafe. You can go in there confidently.

Usually, in many cafes you are required to approach the spot order that has been prepared.

All styles of ordering are executed there before you find a seat. Go to the spot, see the menu list, then mention your order to the waiter.

After that, the payment is made in advance. You need to pay for the order first, preferably through QRIS or cash.

After that, you can choose the sitting area you want. Your order was visited delivered by the waiter. However, ordering policies may vary for each cafe.

There are those that require customers to take over completed orders themselves. Or there are those that require customers to take over the table number first.

Therefore, it is better to ask the waiter, whether the order is delivered or needs to be taken over yourself.

In addition, the payment process can also include an open bill. This means that you can pay for the entire order at the end.

Open bills are usually carried out if you are in a group and don’t bother to pay each other.

Once again, you need to make sure to the waiter whether the cafe allows open bills or not.

Order at Starbucks

The first step you can take is to visit the nearest Starbucks store.

After that, you first need to choose the style of drink you want. There are a variety of coffee, tea, and also chocolate.

Therefore, find out in advance what style of drink you want to order through the menu list.

After that, submit your request whether the drink is cold or hot. If so, then it’s time to choose the size of the glass for your drink.

The size of the glass at Starbucks consists of several types. The order comes from smallest to largest: short, tall, grande, venti and trenta.

Make sure you choose a size that fits your needs and finances. Next is to confirm whether you want to add sugar, syrup or other sweeteners.

If you feel it is enough, after that you can choose the type of milk used. At Starbucks there are 3 choices of types of milk, namely almond, cow, and soy.

Apart from that, you are also allowed to wish how many ice cubes are used. In short, ordering coffee at Starbucks gives customers more freedom.

They are allowed to customize their own drinks according to their individual tastes. This is something that is still difficult to find in cafes in general. That’s how to order Starbucks, I hope it helps.



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