Characteristics, How to Make and Examples –

Characteristics, How to Make and Examples –
– #Characteristics #Examples this time we will talk about Understanding Portfolio – Many people see a portfolio of skills and experience, from here you can see the skills and abilities that are right for you.

You can add your design skills to a design portfolio, for example. Portfolio is in a document of various successes and successes, the first thing is to make it easier for customers to find specific information.

In this discussion, we will explain in full and clearly, namely the definition of portfolio. For the full review… Read on as follows.

Definition of Portfolio

Portfolio definition can be seen from various perspectives. Therefore, the meaning of portfolio can be displayed depending on the context in which it is used.

For example, if a financing portfolio is a term for a collection of investments that belong to a person or institution.

In the field of strategic management and marketing, portfolio is a term that refers to the range of products, brands, services or projects that a company offers to consumers.

It’s different in politics, Quipperian. In the political sector, this portfolio is the responsibility and pillar of government, cabinet ministers and heads of departments in government agencies.

How about education? In education, a portfolio is a collection of personal information that records and documents Quipperian accomplishments or accomplishments during Quipperian training.

Meanwhile, an art portfolio is evidence of a collection of works of art, for example in newspaper clippings, photographs, building designs and other pre-made works.

Characteristics of Portfolio Assessment

There are various characteristics in this portfolio, including the following:

  • In the work of students who realize progress and completeness of tasks on an ongoing basis towards pursuing learning interests.
  • Based on the characteristics of portfolio assessment, it can be concluded that portfolio assessment has several characteristics, for example in teaching skills to students.
  • Measure each student’s performance individually and pay attention to differences among students.
  • Evaluation is carried out continuously after a specified period.
  • As a means of communication between teachers, students and related parties.
  • There is a relationship between assessment and learning.
  • Have a goal to assess yourself.
  • Add and strive to achieve.
  • is a collaborative approach.
  • There is a student work file.

How to Make a Portfolio

The portfolio is the first key that must be taken in the next phase. A good portfolio is expected to continue to grow. How to make the right portfolio:

1. Outline the Goals or Achievements

The most important thing about a portfolio reflects goals and performance, which can show that you are a person with the vision and mission to continue. Target performance is divided by short term and long term.

2. Attach the Work

In this section you will find examples of work you have done and work you have done as evidence of the skills you have acquired.

Subscriptions to your work can be in the form of text, certificates, photos or even videos. For example, if you are implementing a design, a portfolio should be posted. Achievements, issues, awards can be added to your portfolio assessment.

3. Make a List of Contents First

Since a portfolio is in a document of various accomplishments and successes, the first thing you need to do is make it easier for customers to find specific information about you by first creating a table of contents.

4. Attach a CV or Resume

It has been said that if your resume and portfolio are different, complete personal information will need to be included in order for the customer to know details about you.

5. Describe your skills and experience

Many people look at a portfolio of skills and experience, from here you can see which skills and abilities are right for you. Describe it completely and clearly so that your customers can understand you clearly.

Here you can improve your employability so you can add your design skills to a design portfolio, for example.

Portfolio Example

Such portfolios can be created and integrated into a selection of project applications aimed at enhancing their self-assessment skills.

For example, a project portfolio usually contains personal information, awards, training, work experience, and your goals for implementing the project.

1. Design Portfolio

In the sample design portfolio, you can add ready-made design attachments for additional portfolio assessment.

The design you associate with doesn’t have to be one, it can be any number, but it’s best to choose a few of the best designs. You need to design this portfolio to get more attention.

2. Student / Student Portfolio

Examples in student portfolios that generally do not show sufficient information or detail can be brief. However, the following examples can be used as a reference for those in need.

3. Job Application Portfolio

Two versions can be used for project portfolio portfolios. The first is the paper-based or user-friendly version. This form is typically used for business applications that do not require graphic design or other artistic skills.

The examples in the portfolio can use this so they can use simple forms.

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That’s all for this review, which we have conveyed in full and clear, namely regarding the Definition of Portfolio. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.



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