CIMB Business Call Centers That Are Easy to Contact in All Districts –

CIMB Business Call Centers That Are Easy to Contact in All Districts –
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Now CIMB Niaga Bank has provided and offered its customers a variety of products and the best service. One of the services provided is the CIMB Niaga Call Center number that is easy to contact in all regions, even to remote areas.

In the beginning, CIMB Niaga provided services call center toll free as part of excellent service for its customers. However, this service is no longer valid. And now you can also contact via cell phone or cellphone at a cost depending on provider what you use.

CIMB Niaga also prioritizes call center services for its customers, in order to help its customers and provide fairly accurate information. Not only in the form of information but customers can make complaints related to other products or services.

. Therefore, a true call center is really needed to be able to serve the community well, because with this call center service it can be used as a place to complain about problems or also to conduct consultations, of course the call center is a bridge that can connect you directly with CIMB Niaga.

CIMB Niaga Bank Call Center Number

1669295100 122 CIMB Business Call Centers That Are Easy to Contact in

In the following, we will provide a number of CIMB Niaga call center numbers that you can call to convey any product problems or just to find information.

1. Cimb Personal Loan Business Call Center

If you want to contact the CIMB Niaga personal loan call center, you only need to contact him at the number 14041 or you can also use 0221 2997 8888, But if you don’t have too much credit when contacting the call center, there is another way, namely you can contact CIMB Niaga Bank’s email or Instagram

To contact his email, you can use his email address to [email protected] And don’t forget to make sure that you have sent it to the correct email address and it would be more polite if you introduced yourself before you conveyed the problem or obstacle you were facing and then asked to solve the problem or ask for answers to the problem.

Where in the email you can provide various questions or with problems and obstacles that you want to convey to CIMB Niaga.

2. Call Center Cimb Niaga Credit Card

1669295101 688 CIMB Business Call Centers That Are Easy to Contact in

By providing Cimb Niaga’s best service, namely providing free tolls to its customers when visiting the call center to ask about complaints and problems experienced by its customers, but now this service is no longer enforced.

Currently you will be charged a fee if you contact the call center using either a cell phone or a home phone service, with rates charged according to the length of time the call was made.

The number you can call when you want to report a complaint or report a problem is the number 14041. You can use this number for all types of services that you are currently using related to CIMB Niaga bank. This number can be contacted 24 hours a day, so if you need service at 01.00, you will definitely get an answer from the CIMB Niaga call center.

3. Call Center Cimb Niaga Preferred

1669295101 333 CIMB Business Call Centers That Are Easy to Contact in

CIMB Niaga preferred is a program from bank CIMB Niaga that is offered to customers at the premium level. This is a program that will help prioritize your banking services.

If you are a CIMB Niaga preferred call center user, what you can use to make complaints is different from the usual CIMB Niaga call center users, because you will get different services and you can contact the call center at 1400800 or use service priority at 1500588.

4. Bank Cimb Niaga Tigor M Siahaan

Tigor M Siahaan is a person who is well known and has proven good in the field of work, where he currently has a quite high position, namely as president director at bank CIMB Niaga. Bank CIMB Niaga is also quite well-known by the name Tigor M Siahaan because he is well known to the public and works very well for the company to the point where he has been named the most inspiring CEO.

5. Cimb Niaga Click

The many features possessed by CIMB Clicks are also the main attraction, so that until now many people use this product. There are 10 features that you can use when using CIMB Clicks.

Some of these features are that you can invest online, you can also open savings and make deposits online, transfer overseas online, top up E money online, pay bills online, many menus for making transfers, E- 6 Month Statement, get a credit card, and can use the live chat feature.

6. Nearest Cimb Business

Cimb Niaga’s head office is in South Jakarta, whereas if you want to find the nearest commercial bank from here, you can currently use the Google Maps application to find it because all the closest Cimb Niaga banks and even the ATMs are now registered and can appear on Google maps.

However, if you are not used to using Google Maps to find a place, then you can ask the location of a CIMB Niaga bank or ATM to people around you or ask them to look for it on Google Maps.

7. Call Center Cimb Business From Abroad

Are you a CIMB Niaga bank service user who is abroad? If you are abroad and experience problems or problems in making transactions using the CIMB Niaga bank, of course you will be very confused.

But you don’t need to worry and you don’t need to be confused because call centers in Indonesia can be contacted from abroad using the same call center number when you are in Indonesia. The call center that you can contact is: 14041 or you can also contact the call center at number 0221 2997 8888But it would be even better if you save this number in your cell phone contacts to always make it easier for you whenever you want to communicate with the CIMB Niaga bank call center.

Apart from a 24-hour telephone call center, you can also make complaints or ask about products and services through social media and the website:


This is the article that we can provide regarding the easiest way to contact CIMB Niaga Call Centers in all regions and for more detailed information, you can visit the related website. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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