Collecting a promise of love with a duration of 105 minutes –

Collecting a promise of love with a duration of 105 minutes –
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Nagih Janji Cinta is a 2022 Indonesian romantic comedy film directed by Rizki Balki and produced by PIM Pictures.

The stars of the film are Irzan Faiq, Marsha Aruan, Frislly Herlind, Ghea Indrawari, Cahyarinryn, Ady Sky, Deven Christiandi Putra and Nashwa Zahira.

Originally scheduled to be released in Indonesian theaters on November 17, 2022, but was postponed to December 8, 2022.

The film Nagih Janji Cinta is a film that will be shown in his favorite cinema starting December 8, 2022.

Starring Irzan Faiq, Marsha Aruan, Frislly Herlind, Ghea Indrawari, Cahyaniryn, Ady Sky, Deven Christiandi Putra and Nashwa Zahira.

This 105-minute film was directed by Rizki Balki, produced by PIM Pictures and written by QueenB and Endik Koeswoyo.

The film Nagih Janji Cinta tells the story of Bagas (Irzan Faiq) who fights for his love for Ajeng (Marsha Aruan), even though the two are of different castes.

Synopsis Nagih promises love

Movie Collecting Promises of Love tells the story of a student named Bagas Mahardika (played by Irzan Faiq) who falls in love with his classmate, a nobleman or descendant of blue blood, a beautiful girl named Ajeng Larasati (played by Marsha Aruan).

The two met on the first day of their childhood during the inauguration of new students at the Faculty of Economics, Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Surakarta.

Ajeng is a girl of blue blood who is beautiful, wealthy, and popular in the city of Solo.

Meanwhile, Bagas, only the son of a small farmer, was able to go to college because he received a scholarship from his campus. Both studied at the same university.

However, there is something that makes their relationship difficult. It turns out that his parents, RM Cokrodiningrat and Rahayu, were betrothed to a man named Satrio, a young doctor who is also of noble descent.

Satrio’s own father is a heart specialist who runs Cokro. Unwilling to marry the woman he loves to another man, Bagas fights for his love to marry Ajeng. Are the two united?

Or will Ajeng still be engaged to Satrio, her parents’ favorite man? This film is relatively light for young people and truly represents the reality of a love story that contrasts the love of different castes between the poor and the rich.

However, usually stories about love and arranged marriages contain elements of caste differences, so the plot is somewhat predictable. As for the usual love story,
need to be equipped with cinematography, packaging, and others.

Intense conflict, so the film seems different and difficult to predict. The appearance of the main character is quite good, she portrays the characters very well, especially Marsha Aruan whose appearance is no doubt because she has had a career since childhood.

Link Collect the promise of love

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