DBD Chapter 26 Killer The Knight Release Date, Perks And Leak

DBD Chapter 26 Killer The Knight Release Date, Perks And Leak
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The Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 Forged In Fog release date is almost approaching, and BeHaviour Interactive has unveiled all of the perks for the new DBD killer, The Knight

Fans of Dead By Daylight are living in an exciting time. There is a brand-new opponent, a new survivor named Vittorio, a new map called Shattered Square, and more. Fans will soon be able to slay people while wielding a massive sword according to the next update.

DBD Chapter 26 Killer The Knight Release Date, Perks List And Leak

When Is The New Killer Available DBD?

The release time and date for The Knight, the latest Dead By Daylight murderer, are November 22 at 9:00 PT, 12:00 ET, and 16:00 GMT. The countdown on the game’s official website provided the above launch date and time information. The aforementioned hours were also posted on the DBDNews Discord.

You can purchase Chapter 26 Forged In Fog from the PSN, Microsoft, Steam, or Epic Games store whenever it becomes available, depending on your preferred gaming platform. Because it is a fully unique episode, Chapter 27 probably won’t be banned.

Perks Of Dead By Daylight The Knight

The following is a list of advantages for The Knight, the newest Dead By Daylight killer, for DBD Chapter 26 Forged In Fog:

Any time you damage a generator, you can see the aura of every survivor standing within 24 metres of you for 3/4/5 seconds.

When this hex is dormant and you harm the afflicted survivor, a Dull Totem illuminates and hexes them. While the hex is active, any other Survivors outside of your Terror Radius will have the chance to intermittently scream, revealing their locations and auras for 2 seconds. The aura of the cursed Survivor is visible to all Survivors for 12/10/8 seconds. When the cursed Survivor is killed or made whole, the hex is removed, and the Hex Totem is turned off. After the Hex totem is cleansed, Hex: Face the Darkness is permanently disabled.

When a Survivor stuns you, they are exposed for 10/15/20 seconds and have the Exposed status effect applied to them. Hubris has a 20-second cool down.


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