DBD lunar new year moonlight burrow 2023 codes, skins and Amazon prime gaming rewards

DBD lunar new year moonlight burrow 2023 codes, skins and Amazon prime gaming rewards
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The DBD Moonlight Burrow event has began early in 2023 in preparation for the Dead By Daylight Lunar New Year event, and it features codes, daily login incentives, and a new Amazon Prime Gaming costume along with DBD rewards

Those interested in Dead By Daylight have had a lacklustre start to the year. There have been rumours that Leatherface is leaving the game, and we still haven’t heard anything about Chapter 27, which is scheduled for release in March and whose PTB are expected to arrive in February.

The good news is that we can begin celebrating the Chinese New Year early this year, even though we are still hungry for information regarding the next chapter.

DBD lunar new year moonlight burrow 2023 codes, skins and Amazon prime gaming rewards list

Dead By Daylight’s Moonlight Burrow Lunar New Year event 2023 promotional codes for the following goodies will be released on the following days:

  • Jan 18: Dwight Fairfield – Lunar Rat Cap & The Spirit – Scarlet Edge – Code: RABBIT
  • Jan 20: Jane Romero – Striped Top & The Hillbilly – Brutal Rat Hammer
  • Jan 23: David King – Striped Punk Pants, The Trapper – Golden Stinger & Nea Karlsson – Rat Print Top

Discount vouchers will be distributed through the DBDBHVR Twitter page. When we know what those keys are, we’ll make that information available here as well.

To use a coupon, simply visit the game’s shop. To claim your rewards, simply click the “Redeem Code” button in the upper right corner and enter the appropriate keys.

DBD Moonlight Burrow new daily rewards for logins

Here are the early celebration login awards for the DBD Moonlight Burrow event:

  • Jan 17: The Nurse – Festive Gown
  • Jan 18: Zarina Kassir – Gilded Locks
  • Jan 19: The Clown – Savage Smile
  • Jan 20: Kate Denson – Claw Marked Beanie
  • Jan 21: The Artist – Entrancing Gown
  • Jan 22: Adam Francis – Shimmering Ox
  • Jan 23: The Artist – Glaring Blood

Until January 24th, gamers will also gain bonus experience for their first match of the day, according to BeHavior Interactive’s Lunar event 2023 synopsis.

What about Amazon prime gaming reward for DBD moonlight burrow?

The Nexus Ranger (Supernova) Outfit for Feng Min is the first of the new Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for Dead By Daylight that will become available in January 2023.

You have until February 15 to submit a claim for this. You need to pay the £8.99 per month for Amazon Prime. For new subscribers, we provide a free 30-day trial. It’s a chance to get your hands on the DBD Nexus Ranger (Supernova) Outfit before it goes away forever.

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