Dead By Daylight (DBD) Advent Calendar 2022 Rewards, Contents And Bloodcode Codes List

Dead By Daylight (DBD) Advent Calendar 2022 Rewards, Contents And Bloodcode Codes List
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Dead By Daylight or DBD fans can still receive one of the 730,000 Bloodpoints offered by the advent calendar, which has started for December 2022

Fans of Dead By Daylight have had a terrific year because there have been many talented new killers and survivors. The most recent chapter, Forged in Fog, features the Knight killer, and a Resident Evil DLC sequel was also released.

Although the yearly Bone Chill Winter Christmas event provides cosmetics, charms, and weaponry, logging in daily will earn you an absurd number of Battle Points (BP).

Dead By Daylight (DBD) Advent Calendar 2022 Release Date, Rewards, Contents And Bloodcode Codes List

The Dead By Daylight Advent Calendar 2022 goodies are all listed below for DBD players to claim from December 9 and January 3:

  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 9th
  • 50,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 10th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 11th
  • 50,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 12th
  • 500 Iridescent Shards – Dec 13th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 14th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 15th
  • 500 Iridescent Shards – Dec 16th
  • Five Rift Cells – Dec 17th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 18th
  • 500 Iridescent Shards – Dec 19th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 20th
  • Five Rift Cells – Dec 21st
  • 500 Iridescent Shards – Dec 22nd
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 23rd
  • 50,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 24th
  • 300,000 Bloodpoints, 5 Rift Cells, 1,000 Iridescent Shards – Dec 25th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 26th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 27th
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 28th
  • 5 Rift Cells – Dec 29th
  • 500 Iridescent Shards – Dec 30th
  • 100,000 Bloodpoints – Dec 31st
  • 50,000 Bloodpoints – Jan 1st
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Jan 2nd
  • 25,000 Bloodpoints – Jan 3rd

Developers unveiled generators, hooks, lockers, and other items with Christmas-related themes during the first Christmas event. These have come back each year, indicating that in 2022 they will return once more.

Developers also created snowmen in 2021, which survivors may leap into to flee assailants or deal more damage. When a player hits or is hit as a survivor in a snowman, they may receive additional cosmetic rewards.

Given that the most recent Halloween event also allowed players to acquire cosmetics through gameplay, it is likely that the 2022 Christmas event will feature earnable cosmetics in addition to a fresh gameplay element like snowmen.

The snowmen were a huge hit in the neighbourhood during the 2021 celebration, so it’s probable they’ll show up again this year as well.

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