Do This Financial Management So You Don’t Get Stuck In Old Dates –

Do This Financial Management So You Don’t Get Stuck In Old Dates –
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Do This Financial Management So You Don’t Get Stuck In Old Dates – The old date for most office workers is an event that feels difficult to carry out. Why? This is caused by a classic problem, that is, the cash you have is getting less and less, as you enter the end of the month. Therefore, you must be smart in adjusting your finances until the payday arrives.

This problem seems to have become a monthly cycle that you will still face and encounter when the old date arrives. To be precise, when you enter the 3rd week, after you receive your monthly salary. Most of your daily routine expenses are spent on consumptive matters such as eating, shopping for gas, online transportation, and many more.

So, what should you do to avoid getting stuck in the old ladder cycle? Moreover, if we examine the lifestyle of today’s millennial children. Which, of course, everyone is aware that they are someone who is too consumptive or can be said to be a wasteful person. Most likely, the monthly salary they get will not last long until the payday arrives.

In the end, what are they going to do? Of course, you already know the answer, namely lending money to close friends or asking your parents for money. If so, when will you be able to be independent in managing your money? Here are the steps to avoid getting entangled in old date cycles:

Monthly Financial Planning

Do This Financial Management So You Don’t Get Stuck In Old Dates

Keep a record of your monthly finances, both income and expenses. For example, the monthly salary you get is IDR 5 million. With that income, you have fixed monthly expenses of Rp. 2 million, other than the cost of boarding, laundry, etc.

After paying all the fees needed, you still have IDR 3 million left. You must record all these transactions in detail. By having a record, you can find out the rest of your money in a month.

You can record daily expenses on a piece of paper, smartphone or laptop. All of that, up to and according to your wishes. You have to do this method so that you have an overview or estimate of expenses each month. This is a precautionary step so as not to get entangled in the old date cycle.


It’s not boring for your parents to teach you to get used to being diligent in saving since childhood. You don’t have to set a limit on how much money you can save each month. The important thing is that you are able to save consistently. Why?

This is because you have to pay routine and daily expenses, sometimes there are also other additional costs that stop by suddenly, such as having to service your motorbike to replace new tires, pay vehicle tax, puncture tires in the middle of the road, etc. . These are unexpected costs that often go unnoticed.

Not infrequently, your worries about the next old date will really happen if you don’t prepare additional funds from your savings.


Apart from having a financial plan and continuing to save money, there’s nothing better than living on a frugality basis. This is a wise step in your financial object. The way to save money here is not to keep eating inexpensive, festive foods without imagining the health effects going forward.

But you can take advantage of attractive discounted promos offered by various digital payment applications. One of them is by using cashback at merchants who have worked like them.

However, there is still a limit because of the cashback money you receive. If you want to use it later, most are limited by the products that can be purchased, most of which are not as needed. This can further increase your impulse shopping.

Financial Commitment Becomes the Main Key

This commitment is not only said, but also must be proven by you in everyday life. Everyone can say that they are willing to save money so that they are not entangled in the cycle of old age, but what is the reality? Not directly proportional to what they say.

Actually, the simple step is to limit yourself to things that can increase your demand for shopping, such as reducing going to the mall with friends and so on. Create and place yourself in an environment that actually helps your financial goals, if you want to save money and don’t want to get stuck in a cycle of old dates.



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