Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android –

Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android –
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Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android – Looking for Peacock TV Apk with latest version for Android? You can immediately get the application below, after following all the information that will be presented in this article.

By using this application, you will get streaming movies, live TV and many others.

For those of you who prefer to spend their spare time together watching movies, it’s certain that you already have your favorite application to get the viewing you want.

Where there are now many applications that provide streaming facilities such as JHulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll and others. As you understand, the next application has been available for a long time and many have used it.

Where in the next live streaming application it allows you to be able to enjoy various shows, movies and other channels many times. However, these services remain locked behind a paywall and not all users can spend money to subscribe.

In order to be able to enjoy all the video streaming facilities in it, you have to pay for it first.

For that, to solve the next problem, you should just use the Peacock TV Apk. Which the next application is a streaming facility application for free.

Apart from being able to enjoy all shows, TV channels, other movies for free, you can also download them to watch them offline. Enjoy it completely with the most complete features available in the application.

About Peacock TV Apk

Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android

Peacock TV Apk is a live streaming application that will offer you endless entertainment.

This application developed by Peacock TV LLC, you can enjoy watching all streaming movies, live TV, episodes and many others freely. No longer required to subscribe or pay when you want to access it.

As you know, not everyone can afford to spend money every month to subscribe and enjoy video streaming every day.

Luckily for this live streaming application, you are free and free to be able to enjoy all the facilities available in it. You can access various shows, movies, channels and sports easily.

What’s interesting about this next application is that it has a relatively simple interface design. In addition, the videos provided are very sharp, so that users feel at home and want to operate it consistently.

This app also has a mixed content store with thousands of episodes. Where later you can easily get the video streaming you want.

With this application, you can watch various programs and even family movies you can find here. This application includes the most complete application with features that will spoil its users.

Immediately download the application and enjoy all the features available for free. Previously, we would first inform you about the features available in the Peacock TV Apk.

Main Features of Peacock TV Apk

Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android
Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android

Streaming movies is one of the things that Peacock TV Apk provides. But not only that, this application also has a variety of other interesting viewing programs.

So, so that you can access all streaming facilities for free, you will definitely need the features available in this live streaming viewing application. The following features will be provided to its users:

Unlocked All VIP Premium

When you use the Playstore version of the live streaming application, surely you will get more than one streaming program that cannot be opened freely.

It allows you to pay and subscribe in particular first, then you can access it. However, unless you use the apk version, you can access all the streaming facilities available in it for free.

No Ads

Of course you understand very well, every official application available in the Playstore contains an advertisement that will be annoying when watching it. Where when you watch various streaming channels, suddenly advertisements will appear and this is very annoying.

Luckily for the apk version, you won’t get any ads. So that you can freely watch any movies or shows easily while at the same time getting the convenience that you can’t get from the official version. Where the developer is more concerned with the convenience of its users when viewing certain streaming videos.

Unlimited Everything

What is meant by unlimited here is that you are free to watch shows, movies, whatever channels you want. You are free to choose to watch any shows very easily.

Of course this stuff can get rid of boredom, where this next application is perfect for entertaining those of you who often get bored and bored.

HD quality

Apart from the three features that have been reported above, this Peacock TV Apk also has very good and clear video quality. Where in fact this live streaming application is equipped with HD quality video.

So it’s no wonder that many of them have used this application as their favorite application to view the desired shows, movies and channels.

Free Download

Don’t have a quota but still want to see your favorite movie? You don’t have to worry, Peacock TV Apk offers a download feature for free. Where you can download the videos you want for free. That way you can continue watching what’s available and can watch it without having to have an internet quota together very easily.

Link Download Peacock TV Apk Latest Version

Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android
Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android

You can actually get this application through the Playstore for free. However, in the Playstore, you can only download it directly and don’t have the application.

Apart from that, in this official version, premium features are still available which require you to subscribe first unless you want to access all the facilities available in it.

However, unless you want the free version and can access all the premium features for free. We recommend that you download the Peacock TV Apk using the link that will be shared below.

Apart from that, you can also get the application which can be shared with other people. Following are detailed specifications and links for the live streaming application.

Nama File Peacock TV Apk
Version 3.12.12
Application Size 80.50 MB
Developer Peacock TV LLC.
OS Android 4.3 and higher
Link Download Here

How to Install Peacock TV Apk on Android

Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android
Downlaod Peacock TV Apk StreamTV and Movies For Android

Because you can get this Peacock TV Apk through the web and you can’t get it through the Playstore. Allows you to be able to install the application manually.

Where this method is actually specifically for applications that are obtained not from the Google Playstore but from a site. The steps can be seen immediately as follows:

  • The first step that you must take is to confirm that you have downloaded the Peacock TV Apk.
  • If in fact it has been saved, immediately enter the Settings menu.
  • Please select the Privacy & Security menu > then activate “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then, go to another menu, namely File Manager > Download Folder to get the previously downloaded application.
  • Please click on the application and select Install to carry out the installation process.
  • Wait until the install is complete and successful.
  • Now, the application is ready to use.


That’s all we can share about Peacock TV Apk, which is a very complete live streaming application. Where you will get all the features that the official version cannot get. Thank you for following the information to the end, download it right away and enjoy all the shows available in it.



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