Download FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk 2022 –

Download FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk 2022 –
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FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk has recently been much sought after and much in demand by people all over the world. Because this game represents the FIFA World Cup which is currently being held in Qatar.

As many people are happy and enthusiastic about the world of football, this game has become a destination to play in their spare time. There are many benefits that you can experience when playing this FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk.

Here we also provide the link to download it below. But before that happens, you need to know about this soccer game, such as its advantages. Immediately refer to the following discussion.

What is FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk?

The FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk itself is inspired by the FIFA World Cup which is currently taking place in 2022. However, there is something that distinguishes this year’s FIFA World Cup from its predecessors.

The reason is, the peak of the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar. Even Qatar itself became the first Islamic country to host the World Cup in its country. Of course, this creates a great and new history of Islamic civilization.

Not only that, the biggest surprise of this year’s World Cup was the latest event and the emergence of Lionel Messi (LM10) and Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). So, if you are a big fan of these two megastars, you definitely don’t want to miss seeing their latest appearance.

Fifa World Cup Fantasy Apk itself is a game that was released officially by FIFA directly, friends. So this game is also related to the biggest sports tournament in the world.

From stats, highlights to WC live blogs are also here. You can enjoy the most amazing fantasy football experience on your mobile. Interestingly, you can also take part in national and even international competitions.

Just find the best players for your formed team and create a dream team with very strong players. You can also challenge your friends to compete and decide who is the best fantasy football manager among you.

Before going to the download link, it’s a good idea to know the features that make this game very popular. If so, you can take a quick look at these features below.

What are the premium features of the FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk?

As a game that has the most fans around the world, of course it has features that make this game interesting. So what are these features? You can immediately see it in the explanation we provide below.

Whole group

Currently there are 32 teams participating in the FIFA World Cup 2022 which are divided into 8 groups from A to H. The opening of the event will be held on 20 November 2022 and will end or finish on 18 December 2022.

In the first group there are teams from Qatar, Senegal, the Netherlands and Ecuador. In Group B there are teams from England, USA, Iran and Wales. Group C itself consists of Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Poland. The fourth group includes France, Tunisia, Denmark and Australia.

Group E contains Spain, Costa Rica, Japan and Germany. In Group F there are teams from Belgium, Morocco, Canada and Croatia. Then in Group G there are teams from Brazil, Cameroon, Switzerland and Serbia. Finally, the eighth group is Portugal, South Korea, Uruguay and Ghana.

You can play with all the teams mentioned above in this FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk. So there are many options for you to transfer great players to your own team.

Graphics HD

In today’s high-tech era, gaming is not only seen from the side of the story and gameplay. But graphics will also be an option for playing games.

Just imagine if the story is so good and good but the graphics in the game are so bad. Of course this is unbalanced, and anyone who plays it will feel uncomfortable. So this FIFA World Cup Fantasy game already has HD graphics.

In this way, when you play it, you will have a different gaming experience than before. Feel the thrill of being the manager of your favorite football club and make your team the best in the world.

New player

Because this World Cup match was also connected to the original tournament, the players were the same as before. So the players you’re going to see are exactly what they are today.

You will also receive regular player updates along with new team members in addition to the original version. So you will never miss any updates regarding new players in any team.

Players can be moved

Of course, when you play, you don’t want your team players to be like that. And you are interested in making bigger transfers than other teams. So in this game you can do that too.

This way you can get players who are strong enough to fight other teams in the competition later. You can also become invincible if you transfer star players to each country.

Create your own league

The most unique feature among all the existing features is that here you can create your own league. You can create or select any department you want. There are many existing tournaments that can be played if you want.

  • English Fantasy League (Unofficial Premier League).
  • Spanish Fantasy League (unofficial LaLiga).
  • Fantasy Bundesliga (unofficial Bundesliga).
  • Novel Serie A (Italian league but not official).
  • French Fantasy Division (Unofficial Division 1).
  • Fantasy Champions League (Unofficial Champions League).
  • Fantasy League Europe (unofficial European League).
  • Fantasy League Championship (unofficial tournament).
  • Turkish Fantasy League (Unofficial Super League).
  • The Official Portuguese Fantasy League (Bwin).
  • Fantasy Liga Brasil (unofficial Brasileirao League).
  • Liberta Fantasy (unofficial Libertadores League).
  • Fictional Mexican League (Unofficial Mexican League).
  • Official BPI Fantasy League (Portuguese Women’s League).

There are reinforcements

When you start the tournament, you will have the opportunity to use one of the three available upgrades. There’s also Wildcard, 12th Man, and Captain of the Force. Each of these boosts has a different effect.

Wildcard allows you to make unlimited trades in a certain round. You can use 12th person to select one additional player from outside your team. Meanwhile, you can use the power boss to get more points when scoring goals.

How to Download FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk

After you know a lot about FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk and also some of its main features. It’s time to launch the application by downloading it first using the link we provide below.

But before that, make sure your internet connection is smooth and your storage memory is sufficient. Because this is to make sure the download doesn’t fail due to full memory or bad signal.

How To Install FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk

Once you have obtained the application by clicking on the download button, it is time to install the application. The installation method is slightly different than usual because you only download the application. But don’t worry and follow our instructions on

  • First, make sure you download the game.
  • Then open Settings and select the Privacy and Security menu.
  • After that, activate the option “Allow from unknown sources” or “Allow from unknown sources” by selecting it.
  • After that, open the file manager and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the FIFA World Cup Fantasy Apk earlier.
  • Then click Install for the installation process.
  • Wait for the process for a while and the app will install itself.
  • If OK, then the installation was successful.
  • have done.



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