Download the latest version of NGL Link Mod Apk Premium Unlocked –

Download the latest version of NGL Link Mod Apk Premium Unlocked –
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Watch the full video of Download the latest version of NGL Link Mod Apk Premium Unlocked – This time we will discuss applications that are currently viral and are being excitedly discussed by netizens. Where the application is an application for sending anonymous messages that are being targeted by many netizens. Because when you use the application you will get a lot of benefits. What is meant is NGL Link Mod Apk.

This anonymous messaging application is developed by a third-party developer. Where the application has very cool features while offering many benefits to its users. When using this application you will feel the thrill of sending messages without the interruption of an advertisement. As you know, many applications contain an advertisement.

It doesn’t have that advantage alone, because you will also get premium features that can be used for free. With these features you will be spoiled and you certainly won’t be able to find them in the official version. To send messages, you are free to send any messages as varied as compliments, short messages, and others.

The presence of a mod version of the NGL application will add even more excitement. Because in this NGL Link Mod Apk it has everything that its users want. So you will feel comfortable when accessing it and will not find it difficult when operating this application. Because this application has a simple appearance and will not make you confused from the start of use.

This NGL Link Mod Apk has the meaning of Not Gonna Lie which can be translated as the word “Won’t Lie”. Maybe there are still some of you who don’t know about this NGL application. What is certain is that this application is very easy to use and anyone who uses the application will not have the slightest difficulty. Are you interested in trying it?

For the use of this NGL application, when someone responds and wants to answer every question asked, that person is not lying. And vice versa, where when you respond and ask other people. You are free to have your opinion and you don’t have to lie. Because your identity will be safe and will not be seen by recipients of comments.

You also need to know that the NGL: Anonymous q&a application has been around since 2021, to be precise, on November 7, 2021 in California, United States. This is because the application has 50 languages ​​with cool features and can be accessed freely. Many of them are curious about this application and can’t wait to use the application.

Especially for those of you who have social media Instagram, where you can freely comment to anyone who can have an opinion freely. Before you start downloading the NGL Link Mod Apk. We recommend that you first see what features are in NGL. To make it clearer, just look at the explanation below.

Features of NGL Link Mod Apk Latest version 2023

Features of NGL Link Mod Apk

There are several features provided by this NGL Link Mod Apk, one of which is a premium feature that you can access for free. This premium feature can help you when using this NGL application. Of course, the features in this mod version cannot be found in the official version. And below we will mention just a few features.

To be able to find out all the other features, of course you have to download and start playing the application. Feel the thrill of being safe with NGL by commenting freely and please you can continue to see the features in the application as follows:

1. No Ads

By choosing to use the mod version of the application, you will get features without ads. Surely you know very well, usually applications that are obtained for free contain an advertisement that can interfere with the process of using the application itself. However, you guys don’t worry, in this mod version of NGL, you are equipped with features without ads.

With this feature, you will not be disturbed when you are commenting on other people. And you will also be given full comfort when operating this NGL application. This is because the advertisements that used to appear in the original version have been blocked by third party developers.

2. Faster and Functional

No need to worry that the battery will run out quickly, where the NGL Link Mod Apk has been specifically designed for premium users. When you use this application, you will get a faster and more functional response. So it won’t drain battery power and will last a long time when used all day. Besides that, the use of this application is also fairly easy and practical.

3. Premium feature

Very different from the original version. Where you only get very limited features and you won’t be free when using the application. Where with this mod version, you can enjoy all the features available for free and will not make payments for subscription fees. You immediately get premium features at the start of operating it.

Those are the three features that can be conveyed and there are many other features that you should know about when using the application. To be sure, if you want to know all the features available, you have to download it first.

Link Download NGL Link Mod Apk

Link Download NGL Link Mod Apk

Can’t wait to download the NGL application in the mod version? This application has a very small apk size. And of course it won’t fill up the storage space on the cellphone you’re using. You need to know, you won’t be able to find this application on the official Playstore store. So for those of you who want to download this application, just click the link below:

Nama FileNGL Link Mod Apk
Version24 MB
DeveloperNGL App
OSAndroid 5.0 and higher
Application Size24 MB
LinkDownload Here

Cara Install NGL Link Mod Apk

Cara Install NGL Link Mod Apk

Installing an application with this mod version is not much different from the application that you usually download via the website. But it is very different from the official version, where you have to install this application according to the steps that will be shared below as follows:

  1. Of course, the first step that must be taken is to download the application on the link above.
  2. If you have successfully entered and saved on the device. Then you proceed to enter the Settings menu.
  3. Please grant “unknown source” permission through the Security & Privacy menu. Then you tick the words so they can be activated.
  4. Go back to the File manager menu.
  5. Please enter into the Download folder.
  6. You will see the previously downloaded application and click on the apk to install.
  7. Please wait a moment until the installation process is successful.
  8. Now the application has been successfully downloaded and can be used immediately.
  9. Finished.


That’s all that can be explained about the NGL Link Mod Apk, which is an anonymous messaging application. Thanks to the help of the features in this application, it will be easier for you to access the application. Also you can directly download the apk for free.

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