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Easy Ways to Free Internet on a PC Without a Modem – Kuri007.com
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How to get free internet on a PC without a modem – Accessing the internet has become a daily necessity for many people, even though we can afford internet quota, we also often look for ways to surf for free, be it on Android devices or laptops or PCs.

So, in this review, this time the theblood team wants to share about how to get free internet on a laptop PC. So, as we know, we can use free internet access on a PC or laptop, whether using a modem or without a modem.

Apart from that, we can also use applications such as Psiphon, or we can also use free internet on a PC without software, so it’s not complicated to find software and install it.

This free internet method on a PC is also very supportive for Windows 7, 8 and even 10, and the technique or trick that we will share is how to get free internet on a PC without using a modem,

As we know that to access the internet on a computer or laptop, of course we have to use a modem, right? Even if we don’t use a modem, we also use a hotspot or wifi network.

So how do you get free internet on a PC without using a modem? Immediately, you see the full review below.

How to get free internet on a PC without the latest modem

1. The first step you have to do is turn on bluetooth on your PC and cellphone.

2. If Bluetooth is active, there will be a Bluetooth logo in the try icon section.

3. Next, please go to the control panel:

  • For Windows 7, the control panel appears when you click start and the control panel will appear on the right under the computer.
  • For Windows 8, the control panel is at the top right of the screen when you want to turn off the PC.

4. If you have clicked on the control panel, please click View devices and printers again.

5. Then you will see what devices have been installed on your PC, for example a modem device installed on a PC is a blackberry 9300.

6. Here you will connect the internet from your blackberry 9300 to your PC.

Notes : Your cellphone Bluetooth device must be installed on the PC, for example: you want to connect the internet from an Android cellphone to a PC, so you must make sure your Android device is installed on the PC. Namely by adding a device and please follow the instructions.

7. If you have installed the device, please right-click on the device earlier and please select modem settings, and please select settings as follows.

  • Country/region : Indonesia
  • Area code : 99

8. Then you return to devices and printers then right-click the bluetooth device and select create dial up connection. And in a new tab, please follow the settings below;

  • Dial-up phone number select: *99#
  • Username: leave it blank
  • Password: just leave it blank
  • Connection name: as an example, please fill in Three3aon.com

9. Finally, all you have to do is click connect and you’re done, you can surf the internet on a PC without having to use a modem.

That’s the only information we can share at this time How to free internet on a PC without a Modem. Hopefully this can provide an overview for anyone who wants to access the internet for free on a laptop or PC. Thank you.



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