EFL Championship Play-Off final 2023 date and playoffs format

EFL Championship Play-Off final 2023 date and playoffs format
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The date of the 2023 EFL Championship Play-Off final has been revealed

Many football enthusiasts like watching the EFL Championship. The Play-Offs are one of the most thrilling events in the English Football League as the top EFL Championship clubs compete in knockout rounds to advance to the next round and so on, eventually qualifying for the next season of the Premier League, that is season 2024-25.

EFL Championship Play-Off final 2023 date and format revealed

Due to the four participating teams’ desire to be promoted to the Premier League, the Championship Play-Offs are the most important. The Championship Play-Off final is the most expensive game in English football, and winning makes for a particularly memorable day because the winner gets a day at Wembley.

When is the Championship Playoff Final for 2023?

The Championship Play-Off Final is normally held around the same time every season/year, therefore fans who are interested in knowing the precise date should also be aware of that fact. This is because it must be played both immediately following the conclusion of the regular Championship season and before the following one.

Football fans will be pleased that the match will take place on Monday, May 29, 2023, for 2022/23 Championship Play-Off final. If you have observed that today is a Sunday and in this upcoming week, the EFL’s Play-Offs final games will be scheduled and announced.


The four teams from the Championship mforin order for the Play-Offs to take place. These are the third-through-sixth-placed teams. While the fourth and fifth teams compete, the third-place team plays the sixth-place team over the course of two home and away legs. The overall leg winners go to the Championship Play-Off Final at Wembley.

After saving Nottingham Forest from relegation during the 2021–2022 season, Steve Cooper went one step further and won the Play-Off final after their victory over Huddersfield. This was a tremendous accomplishment, and if Forest is able to remain in the Premier League for the 2022–2023 campaign, it will be even more remarkable.

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