Elisa Masters ESPOO 2022 Winner, Results, MVP And Prize Pool Money List

Elisa Masters ESPOO 2022 Winner, Results, MVP And Prize Pool Money List
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CSGO Elisa Masters ESPOO 2022 results today, winner, teams standings, prize pool distribution, best players and much more

Elisa Masters ESPOO 2022 was an offline A-tier CSGO competition held in Finland and organised by ESPOO. The tournament started on November 16 and came to the conclusion on November 20.

Elisa Masters ESPOO 2022 Winner, Results, MVP, Teams And Prize Pool Money List

A total of twelve teams competed in the tournament in an effort to win a piece of the $200,000 prize pool. The winner of the competition will receive a straight invitation to IEM Katowise’s edition the following year as well as a sizable chunk of $100,000 from the $200,000 prize pool.

Twelve of the top teams in the world competed in the Elisa Masters Espoo, which was hosted in Espoo. They were split into two groups, and just three of them made it out alive. Fans got the opportunity to witness Sprout, BIG, 500, Astralis, ENCE, and Fnatic following the conclusion of the Group Stage. In the grand finale, Fnatic defeated BIG to become the  Elissa Masters ESPOO 2022 LAN event champion.

CSGO Elissa Masters ESPOO 2022 Teams

  • Fnatic
  • BIG
  • Astralis
  • Sprout
  • ENCE
  • 500
  • Complexity
  • Bad News Eagles
  • GamerLegion
  • SAW
  • have

Teams Standings/Prize pool distribution

Total prize pool: $200,000

  • fnatic – $100,000 + slot at IEM Katowice 2023 – 1st Place
  • BIG – $28,000 – 2nd Place
  • Sprout and Astralis – $14,000 – 3rd and 4th Place
  • 500 and ENCE – $10,000 – 5th and 6th Place
  • HEET and Complexity Gaming – $4,000 – 7th and 8th Place
  • GamerLegion and Bad News Eagles – $4,000 – 9th and 10th Place
  • HAVU Gaming and SAW – $4,000 – 11th and 12th Place

Best players of the tournament

1) BlameF: With a superb rating of 1.34, blameF of Astralis was awarded the tournament’s top player. He was a key contributor to his team’s success in getting to the semifinals.

2) RoeJ: RoeJ, a member of the winning team Fnatic, finished the competition as the second-best player. He finished his tournament run with a rating of 1.24, enough for second place overall in the competition.

3) TabseN: Although BIG did not win the tournament, they had a fantastic run of performances, particularly from tabseN, who ended the tournament with a rating of 1.22.

4) Steel: Staehr of Sprouts finished the event with a rating of 1.21, making him the competition’s fourth-best player.

5) SunPayos: With a total rating of 1.21, SunPayos of ENCE finished the event as the fifth-best player.

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