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Environmental Relations And Economic Activities – Kuri007
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In life, people are always trying to meet their needs. The activities of people to meet their needs are called economic activities. Natural resources are related to economic activities. Economic activities benefit from the availability of natural resources. The following are some of the economic activities that use natural resources.

Indonesia’s soil fertility is good for agricultural activities. Indonesia is known as an agricultural country. Because most people work in agriculture. Agricultural activities are useful in meeting food needs.

Crops grown in agricultural activities include rice, corn, vegetables and more. Residents also grow maize and other crops. Palawija production is processed into complementary foods. For example, corn is made into chips. There is also horticultural production planted in the courtyard of the house. The result is fruits, peppers, tomatoes, and more.


Planting activities also use soil fertility. Lands in Indonesia are owned by individuals and the government. The plantation products in Indonesia are coffee, tea, oil palm, sugar cane, rubber, copra, etc. Some of the crops are used as export goods. The export of agricultural products brings in foreign currency for the country. Plantation can be public or private. In plantation management, it is known as People’s Core Plantation (PIR). PIR is often found on the island of Sumatra.

The farm

Most of the livestock activities are farming in Indonesia. Livestock plays an important role in improving human welfare. In addition, livestock can increase people’s income. There are many types of livestock in Indonesia. These livestock include cattle, buffaloes, goats, chickens, birds and more. These livestock usually produce meat, milk, eggs, leather, and more.

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Fishing place

Most of Indonesia’s land is water. This water includes both land and sea water. Fishing activities in Indonesia include land and sea fishing.

inland fishing

This fishing business is carried out in inland waters, such as rivers, lakes, ponds and lakes. The types of fish cultivated are carp, carp, mujahir, alum, catfish, and so on.

Sea fishing

Indonesia’s vast marine waters have the potential to produce large quantities of fish. Types of sea fish caught are tuna, tuna, pomfret, mackerel, anchovies and so on. Currently, fisheries are being developed in coastal lakes. This was done on the north coast of Java and on the east coast of Sumatra. Products include mussels, shrimp, and seaweed.


Indonesia has many forests. This is due to favorable climate, i.e. hot weather. The type of forest in Indonesia is tropical rainforest. Forests produce an abundance of natural resources. These include wood, rattan, resin, gum percha, and gum agatis. Forest products are used for houses, household furniture, industry, etc.


Different types of mining equipment are available in Indonesia. Mining activities are the activities of extracting natural resources from the earth. The types of mining commodities available in Indonesia include petroleum, coal, gold, silver, bauxite, iron ore, and more. Mining materials are used for industrial purposes, transportation, etc.


Industry is the activity of processing raw materials into finished goods. Raw materials are found in nature. Industrial activities require natural resources. Industry can add value to goods. Indonesia has a well-developed industry.

These industries include:

  1. Heavy equipment is available in Surabaya, East Java.
  2. Natural gas is found in South Kalimantan.
  3. The ship is in Semarang, Central Java.
  4. Rubber is found in Jambi, West Java and West Kalimantan.
  5. Trains are available from Madiun and Yogyakarta.
  6. Yarn spinning is found in West Java (Patal Bandung), Central Java (Patal Cilacap, Patal Semarang, and Patal Tegal).
  7. Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN) is located in Bandung.
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