Erek Erek’s Dream Numbers 16 in the Complete 2D Dream Book –

Erek Erek’s Dream Numbers 16 in the Complete 2D Dream Book –
– #Erek #Ereks #Dream #Numbers #Complete #Dream #Book – Erek Erek’s Dream Book 16 On this occasion we will share about the 16 erek erek playing numbers and natural codes which are sure to be precise and accurate. So, for you precise number players, be sure to read this article until it’s finished.

Interpretation of Erek Erek 16 Figures Main

The main number 16 is good for erek erek or also the code of nature in the dream book symbolized by the Wasp fauna, one of the fauna that has a sting and also often takes its honey for humans.

Diseases that are under the main number 16 are Scurvy, while those that are also under the main number 16 are Diseases. Fruits that are also under the main number 16 are pineapples and durians, one of the most popular fruits because of their delicious taste.

Meanwhile, the sports branch that is closely related to the main number 16 is Discus Throw. Not only that, the Banana Plant is also listed under the main number 16. On the other hand, the Puppet Figure listed here is Jembawan.

The runaway number worth noting is 48, which is denoted by the Fauna of the Bird of Paradise and the Profile of the Girl of the King. Erek Erek 3D, on the other hand, is 116-187 which is denoted by Leprosy and Boxer. Well, for nature’s code is Fighting Playing Gambling and Banana Plants.

Numbers Main Arteries Arteries 16 in Dream Books and Primbon

Blood vessels Blood vessels 2D : 87 – 16

Blood vessels Blood vessels 3D: 116 – 187

Runaway Figures 48 – 16

  • Bird of Paradise: ? 48
  • Princess : ? 16

Main Number 16

  • Illness / Illness: Scurvy? 16
  • Fruit / Vegetable: Pineapple? 16
  • Other Things: Letters? 16
  • Sports: Discus Throw? 16
  • Animals / Animals: Wasps? 16
  • Plants or Trees: Banana Trees? 16
  • Other Fruits: Duren / Durian? 16
  • Puppet Character: Jester? 16

New Style 77

  • Keywords : ? 16
  • Tall Whore : ? 77

Nature Code : 26

  • Banana tree : ? 16
  • Fighting Gambling: ? 26

Escape Number 16

  • Singapore : ? 02
  • Hongkong : ? 74
  • Macau : ? 15
  • China : ? 24

Other Nature Codes:


That’s our review of Erek Erek 16. You need to remember that the explanation above is just a prediction. Success and luck all return to you as a “numbers player”. Thank you for visiting, check for other natural codes only at which is updated every day.



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