Famous Chef and Restaurateur Michael Aeyal Ginor is Dead – obituary

Famous Chef and Restaurateur Michael Aeyal Ginor is Dead – obituary
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Michael Aeyal Ginor is a co-founder, co-owner, and president of Hudson Valley Foie Gras and New York State Foie Gras, the world’s complete producer of foie gras. Michael and his business partner Izzy Yanay use high-tech and scientifically advanced production methods from the 20th century to update an old treat that lighthouses and kings used to love. Production is no longer based on individual farming efforts or random games of guesswork and hope. Instead, it is a unified, controlled, and consistent process based on nature, nurture, and computer technology.

It was a closed, self-contained production system in which the ducks and eggs were raised and processed first. Both came first…

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Michael was born in Seattle, Washington, in the year 1963. He went to Brandeis University and got his degree there. He also has an MBA from New York University. After working on Wall Street for four years as a senior vice president at David Lerner Associates, where he was the youngest in the company’s history at age 23, he decided to do something groundbreaking. He was born in 1988 to Israeli parents living in the United States as expatriates. Michael decided to join the IDF.

He worked for the Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip as a captain, patrol leader, and spokesman. Michael discovered in Israel that modern foie gras processing has much potential and that fully integrated production is possible. Michael worked hard to make his dream come true and build what is now the world’s biggest producer of foie gras. By 1998, the company had 75 domestic distributors who sold its mollard duck products all over the United States and as far away as Argentina, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Venezuela. Hudson Valley Foie Gras won the James Beard Foundation Award of Excellence in 1996 and the American Chef Gold Medal in 1993.

In 1996, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences gave Hudson Valley a Five-Star Diamond Award. In 1998, the American Wine Tasting Association gave Hudson Valley an Award of Excellence. Michael has been Chairman Emeritus of the activities of both the Spinazzola Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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In May 1996, Michael was given the first Olive Branch Award by the Jewish National Foundation for his work in the community and at work. In 1997, the James Beard Foundation gave him the Angel Award for his hard work, contributions, and vision.

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In 1998, the American Wine Tasting Association gave him the American Wine Master Award. The James Beard Foundation’s 2001 Who’s Who in Food and Drink list included both Michael and Izzy Yanay. Michael’s main focus is on Hudson Valley foie gras, but he has been involved in all parts of the culinary world since 1990, including product development, making and putting on gastronomic and charitable events, workshops, and demonstrations.

Everything is made to help people have good taste, act well, and have a good sense of humor. As a result, Hudson Valley Foie Gras works with the James Beard Foundation (Michael is on the National Advisory Board), the Culinary Institute of America, the New England Culinary Institute, Meals on Wheels, Share Our Strength, the Robert Mondavi Chef Program, TV Food Network, Food and Wine Masters, the Hudson Valley Food Festival, and the Zurich Food & Wine Festival, among many others. Michael is also a part of Culinary Brainwaves and his work with the Hudson Valley.

Famous Chef and Restaurateur Michael Aeyal Ginor is Dead – obituary

As the founder, Michael advises the delicatessen business. He works for Hyatt International, Regent Corporation, Four Seasons, Shangri-La Sheraton International, InterContinental, The Walt Disney Company, and the Rio Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In 1994, he hosted the Club-Med International Food and Wine Festival.

Michael also plans food events and festivals all over the world. Michael helped create a cross-cultural culinary exchange program that brought American concepts and ideas to the world market. He did this by bringing together some of the best chefs in the United States and those from other countries.

Recent events have happened in Argentina, Canada, Chile, the UK, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand. Michael writes food articles for top magazines like Food Arts, James Beard, Culinary Arts, Coffee and Kitchen in Seattle, and The Hospitality when he’s not traveling the world or preaching the gospel of foie gras.

In September 1999, he finished his first cookbook, Foie Gras…Passion, which was praised all over the world. This 300-page reference book has 84 recipes from famous chefs from all over the world. In 1999, the Versailles International Cookbook Jury gave it the prestigious Prix la Mazille for being the best international cookbook of the year.

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