Here’s the Free Novel Reading Application on the Latest Android and iOS –

Here’s the Free Novel Reading Application on the Latest Android and iOS –
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This is the free novel reading application on the latest Android and iOS. With the development of technology like today, there are lots of activities that can be done to fill spare time.

In an advanced era like today, reading novels is not only through the physical form of the novel, but also through the application of the novel.

The goal is that you can read novels anywhere and anytime.
However, not a few of you are eyeing novel applications for free. Lol, is there really? Of course there is!

So, below are a series of FREE novel reading applications that you can download, install, and access on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Not only reading, you can also write stories through the application. Curious? Check out the following admin discussion about Here Comes the Free Novel Reading Application on the Latest Android and iOS.

Read and Write Stories

Who doesn’t know Wattpad? Wattpad is already one of the most popular APKs of reading and writing novels.

In fact, this application has become the best-selling novel application in Indonesia. How come? It is proven that more than 2 million people have downloaded this Wattpad application.

The users of this application come from all walks of life, ranging from teenagers to adults. Then, this popular application already presents various genres of novels that you can enjoy.

Starting from the genres of romance, horror, thriller, mystery, action, to science fiction, this application is also available. Interestingly, on Wattpad you can read various kinds of works in the language you want.

As previously mentioned, Wattpad also provides a writing feature for those of you who want to share various kinds of stories, inspirations, ideas or the like and can be published personally on this one application.

Not only novels, there are also various kinds of poetry and other types of books. By using the Wattpad application, you can read novels via the internet, namely online.

However, don’t worry, for those who want to read novels offline on the Wattpad application, you can download the novels you want to read first.

So, for example using Wattpad, you can meet more than 100 million users from various countries around the world, what’s more, you can also join using the various communities in this program.

That way, you can interact with other users. Very exciting right? Then, there is also the What’s Hot List, which is a kind of list of stories that you most often choose.

Are you interested in using the application? You can download the Wattpad application for free on the App Store for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users.

Application Name Read and Write Stories
Rating 12+
Downloaded 100 million
Download HERE


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The iPusnas application is an application for borrowing and reading books developed by Aksaramaya in collaboration with the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia.

This means that the books in the application are the collections of the National Library of Indonesia. That way, you can read and borrow books through the iPusnas application, without having to bother coming to the National Library.

Indeed, what are the features in the iPusnas application? Certainly a lot. One of them is that you can read books, both online and offline in the iPusnas application.

Moreover, the books in the iPusnas application are very varied, ranging from short stories, novels, to even textbooks.

Interesting right? You can directly download or download the iPusnas application on the Play Store or App Store.

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Research steps to find out trends and what people expect, techniques to be able to write 1000 articles on a blog in a year.

Tips for making articles that are viral and liked by readers, tips for increasing turnover through a free blog, and much more.

This book is perfect for business people and for those of you who want to start as a blogger.

Application Name iPusnas
Developer National Library
Rating 3+
Downloaded 1 million

Google Play Books

1669475464 112 Heres the Free Novel Reading Application on the Latest Android

Google Play Books is an application for reading electronic books offered by Google.

For users, you can buy and download various kinds of electronic books from Google Play Books which offers more than 5 million books.

That way, you can get books, various kinds of novels that are very beautiful and interesting to read in this collection of applications.

In fact, you can read various kinds of novels here by using it without having to pay or it’s free.

However, for example, if you want to connect to free novels on Google Play Books, you can connect using the internet.

This is because the Google Play book application is an online novel reading application. However, there are also more than one of them paid novels. Even so, the price offered is still affordable.

Not only does it provide a variety of contemporary novels, but Google Play Books also provides a variety of classic and Islamic novels. Curious? Try downloading the Google Play Books application on your respective gadgets.

Application Name Google Play Books
Developer Google LLC
Rating 12+
Downloaded 1 billion


1669475465 115 Heres the Free Novel Reading Application on the Latest Android

As the name implies, in this application you can receive various kinds of novel titles using various genres, from fantasy, romance, comedy, school life to time travel.

Apart from being used as a novel reading application, you can also convey it using novelists, let alone provide additional advice or input to them regarding the stories they make.

So far, the NovelToon app has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store. Through the NovelToon application, you can download the novels you like and read them at a later time so that the novels can be read offline.

Not only that, for example if you have a hobby or are diligent in writing novels, you can have the opportunity to become a novelist on NovelToon.

So, because of that, you can also get income if the novel that you write is successful and manages to get a lot of readers. What are you waiting for? Immediately download the NovelToon application now and become a novelist at NovelToon.

Application Name NovelToon
Developer NovelToon
Rating 12+
Downloaded 10 million


1669475465 293 Heres the Free Novel Reading Application on the Latest Android

GoodNovel is a way to read various novels with various genres, such as fantasy, romance, mystery, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Fan Fiction (Fan-Fic), and others.

Apart from reading novels, in the GoodNovel application you can fulfill your dream of becoming a novel writer.

On the Play Store itself, the GoodNovel application has been downloaded more than once. Then, this novel reading and writing application also collects various popular web site novels and books, stories present you in modern chapters with the best quality.

In fact, the GoodNovel application already has hundreds of books that have been read by more than one user. Because you can read novels from this application to your heart’s content, without having to buy the paperback edition.

Application Name GoodNovel
Developer GoodNovel
Rating 16+
Downloaded 5 million

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