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History of the Heart of The Ocean, Legendary Heart Necklace in the Titanic Movie – Kuri007.com
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The film Titanic, which existed in ’98, has a myriad of things that amaze its fans. Starting from the shape of the big and cool ship verythe interior of the ship is fantastic, the iceberg is not defeated big from the Titanic, clothes old schoolits super chicuntil the accessories used are the same main character, Rose.

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Of the tens of collections of clothes and accessories worn by Rose, there was one thing that caught her heart and made it happen signature from this movie; namely the diamond necklace given by Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane) as a gift for his engagement to Rose. The necklace really take an important role from the core story of the film Titanic.

Heart of The Ocean

Name necklace Heart of The Ocean or Ocean Heart this is a fictional necklace that exists only as an object to support Rose’s story in the film Titanic. This necklace is said to be a 56 carat blue diamond encrusted with pure diamonds along the chain taken from the crown of a French King, Louis XVI.

The story of this fictional necklace continues when it is owned by Caledon Hockley and given to Rose. He never wore it because he thought it was heavy and cold. But hours before the Titanic hit the iceberg, she wore them as the only accessories she wore when Jack painted them.

Necklace Heart of The Ocean also the reason why the story of the Titanic was brought up for public consumption so that old Rose knew about it and began to tell what really happened to the Titanic and the diamond necklace. So, necklace Heart of The Ocean it never existed huh guys! Only part of the story.

Original Necklace?

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There is information that there is a diamond necklace in the Titanic which is being sought as an artifact. This is based on the story of the second-class passengers on the Titanic, namely the couple Kate Florence Phillips and Henry Samuel Morley. While sailing, Henry makes gifts to his wife in celebration of his new life in America.

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The prize is a genuine diamond and sapphire necklace weighing 19 carats. The night the Titanic sank, Kate wore the necklace to dinner. But in the end the necklace sank with the Titanic when Kate was about to board the lifeboat No. 11 and Henry, who could not swim, drowned.


Titanic_Hope Diamond (Copy)

Necklace Heart of The Ocean turned out to be inspired by a diamond necklace Hope Diamond of 45.52 carats originating from the Kollur mine in Guntur, India. Initially the necklace was known by the name Golconda and turn into Tavernier Blue after being purchased by a French gem dealer named Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in 1666.

The diamond stone was then cut and changed its name to French Blue (Le bleu de France). The piece was eventually sold to King Louis XIV but was stolen in 1792 and found in England. The diamond was re-cut again so that the name changed for the umpteenth time to Hope Diamond.

Finally, the necklace is owned by a Washington socialite named Evalyn Walsh McLean. Before finally the necklace Hope Diamond It was purchased by a diamond collector named Harry Winston and eventually donated to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in the United States in 1958 and is on permanent display.

Unfortunately, the rare blue diamond is reportedly full of mystery. The story goes that everyone who owns it will experience great misfortune and a dangerous tragedy. But many believe that the myth is just a spice to make necklaces Hope Diamond becoming more and more famous.

Price of the Necklace Heart of The Ocean

Titanic_Diamond (Copy)

Diamonds though Heart of The Ocean is fictional jewelry but the necklace has managed to steal the attention of many people so fans want to have it too. The necklace that became the property was made by diamond artisans Asprey and Garrard. They made it out of blue cubic zirconium set in white gold.

The necklace cost around $10,000 and there are many replicas of it today merchandise from the movie Titanic. Even many other diamond artisans who sell it in their shops. However, if the necklace Heart of The Ocean it’s real, it’s going to cost over $300 million! Wow, what a fantastic price for a piece of jewelry!

After reading this article, it means that you already know about necklaces Heart of The Ocean that Rose wore and became the key object of the Titanic story was a fictional necklace. It’s just that the jewelry was taken by James Cameron because it was inspired by a necklace Hope Diamond which is absolutely real.



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