Honda Vario 125 Airbrush, Touring & Finger Modifications –

Honda Vario 125 Airbrush, Touring & Finger Modifications –
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Modified Honda Vario 125 -Coming with a sporty and elegant design, the Honda Vario 125 is selling well in the market. But besides the slick design, the specifications, features and also the price offered are also very attractive.

With all that capital, it’s no wonder that the Vario 125 is one of the best-selling automatic motorbikes in Indonesia. This of course can be seen from the sales figures which continue to increase every year.

Apart from that, Honda also conducts regular developments for this motorbike so that it is still able to offer perfect driving comfort.

The relatively affordable price tag of the Honda Vario 125 is still a factor in its success in capturing the hearts of the Indonesian people.

Interestingly, even though the price offered is quite affordable, Honda is still able to provide a capable performance by placing a 4-stroke, SOHC, Liquid-cooled ESP engine with a single cylinder capacity of 125cc.

With this engine, each user will certainly get quite an enjoyable driving experience because the engine he carries is capable of offering 8.2 kW of power at 8,500 rpm and 10.8 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm.

It is not surprising that at this time many Vario 125 motorbikes have appeared with such a slick modified appearance. And of the many existing Honda Vario 125 modifications or concepts, one of the most interesting or even most frequently used by Indonesian people is the Airbrush Honda Vario 125 modification concept.

Interestingly, we can also apply various characters when we want to customize the Honda Vario 125 Airbrush according to taste. What is an example of this modification of the Honda Vario 125 Airbrush & Touring? please see the following collection of photos.

Apart from that, the Honda Vario 125 is also quite efficient in fuel use because Honda has put PGMFI technology in its fuel system.

This advantage is of course another attraction of this Honda Vario 125. Then one of the other advantages that the Honda Vario 125 has that makes many people bring it home, of course, because this motorbike is very easy to customize or modify.

Yepz, the Honda Vario 125 modification is the answer for those of you who might want to have an automatic motorbike with a different look.

Modified Honda Vario 125 Airbrush

The appearance of the elegant and sporty design offered by Honda on the Vario 125 motorbike is indeed very neat. It’s just that there are times when we definitely get bored with a look like that-that’s all.

And the easiest thing to get rid of this boredom is of course to modify the Honda Vario 125 Airbrush. By modifying the Airbrush concept, of course, you will have a motorbike with a full color appearance.

So, what do the Vario 125 Airbrush modifications look like with these various characters? please see some of the following collections.Modification of the Vario 125 Airbrush Airbrush Vario 125 Modification Airbrush Honda Vario 125Modification Vario 125 AirbrushHonda Vario 125 Concept Airbrush Honda Vario 125 Airbrush Console From the picture above it is clear that you can give a different touch when modifying the Honda Vario 125 Airbrush. The various concepts that you can instill can of course be a reflection of your personality.

But you need to know, to make Airbrush modifications to the Honda Vario 125 above, the costs incurred can be said to be quite large because in its manufacture it really requires special skills and a high level of accuracy. But of course this is not an obstacle for those of you who want to get a different look.

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Modified Honda Vario 125 Touring

Besides being able to be modified with a full color look using the airbrush method, the Honda Vario 125, which incidentally has large body dimensions, can also be dressed up as a touring motorbike.

The modification of the Honda Vario 125 Touring is one of the modification concepts that is also quite popular with the people in Indonesia. This is of course due to the existence or popularity of this one motorbike which is very large in Indonesia. And here are some photos of the appearance of the Honda Vario 125 which carries the Touring concept.Honda Vario 125 Touring Concept The Vario 125 Touring conceptHonda Vario 125 Modification Touring Concept Honda Vario 125 Touring Modification Touring Modif Vario 125 After modifying Honda’s best-selling automatic motorbike with a touring concept, it is clear that the motorbike that previously looked calm and sporty now looks so stunning. So it’s no wonder that many people in Indonesia have modified the Honda Vario 125 using a similar concept. And most likely the costs incurred are not as expensive as when you modify it with an airbrush appearance.

Modified Honda Vario 125 Investment

Honda Vario 125 Modification Wheels Capital 14

Another concept that we can apply to the Honda Vario 125 modification, which is also the most loved by Indonesian people, especially young children, is to modify the spokes.

Besides being easy, modifying a motorbike that is focused on one part is of course going to save a lot of budget when compared to the two concepts above.

Even so, indirectly changing these parts makes this motorbike look more perfect and more attractive. Especially for young children today, of course, it makes them more confident when driving.

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There are several choices of spoke types that you can choose, of course according to your taste, between ring 14 spoke wheels and ring 17 spoke wheels. Now for this first opportunity, let’s discuss first the ring 14 spoke wheels.

Yepz, customizing the Honda Vario 125 using this concept as we said above will certainly reduce the budget because it is focused on the wheels only.

Wheel ring 14 itself is actually a standard size from the manufacturer. So, for those of you who want to see the modified Vario 125 spokes, here are the photos.Honda Vario 125 with spoke wheels Honda Vario 125 Ring 14 Modification Concept Honda Vario 125 Modification Wheels Finger Ring 14 Modified Vario 125 Wheels 14 spokes Finger Wheels 14 Honda Vario 125 Select Ring 14 Honda Vario 125

Honda Vario 125 Modification Wheels Capital 17

Some of the photos above are examples of modifications to the Honda Vario 125 Fingers motorbike with ring 14. How cool is that? It’s just that the difference is the type of wheels only.

Even though it uses the same size as the manufacturer’s, replacing it with spoked wheels will certainly make the Honda Vario 125 look more racing.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are curious and want to see some examples of modification options for the Honda Vario 125 with ring 17 spoke wheels, will provide some sample images motorcycle modification Latest Vario 125.

Velg Jari-Jari Ring 17 Honda Vario 125Ring 17 Jari-Jari Honda Vario 125 Modification of the Honda Vario 125 Ring 17 Honda Vario 125 Modification Concept Wheels Spokes 17

So, those are some of the Honda Vario 125 motorbike modification concepts that you can apply to the motorbikes that you have. We recommend that if you really want a different motorbike appearance and have a lot of budget, you can combine the four concepts above into one.

Of course this will make the Honda Vario 125 motorbike that you have really look perfect. Hopefully with a few photos of the Honda Vario 125 modification concept above, it can be a reference for those of you who are interested in modifying motorbikes.



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