How did Jet Black pass away? The drummer for the stranglers’ motive for the death is revealed

How did Jet Black pass away? The drummer for the stranglers’ motive for the death is revealed
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At age 84, Jet Black passed away. He was a designer, business owner, and drummer for the Stranglers. Let’s look at Jet Black’s additional details and the specifics of his cause of death. Follow For More Updates at

Who Was Jet Black?

Jet Black was a simple man before he became a member of The Stranglers. He was in the business because he owned ice cream vans that were later used to travel the UK.

The band would initially gather in his off-licensing home and cling to the market. Throughout his career, he also penned two novels on the band’s detention in France when they were charged with disturbing the peace.

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He also developed furniture and a bass drum pedal in addition to being an unlikely musician. He has two children, Anthony and Charlotte, as well as Jet Black and Ava.

Early Professional Journey of Black

Black was a Stranglers founding member. In 1974, he resided in Guildford. His active participation attitude enabled them to establish their own style, which resulted in 23 high-charting singles and 19 high-charting albums, according to the official UK charts.

One of the founding members of The Stranglers was the drummer, whose full name was Brian John Duffy. He joined the group in 1974 in Guildford.
He was also one of many reasons the band had such a distinctive sound because of his obvious expertise.

Previous Health Points

Eventually, it was made public in March 2007 that Black had atrial fibrillation and had delayed joining the group’s performance until he had healed.

He returned to the group in June and announced his retirement from touring outside of the United Kingdom due to health problems brought on by extended travel.

While Black was abroad, Ian Barnard, his full-time drummer, filled in (born 1983).

Black was transported to the hospital on March 12, 2012, after “becoming ill” just before the Stranglers’ live concert at the O2 Academy Oxford.

Throughout the gig, Barnard changed him once again. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance after feeling unwell shortly after the band’s soundcheck, The Stranglers revealed the following day. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Jet Black’s Reason behind loss of life

According to his advisor, as reported by The Guardian, the singer spent his final years in North Wales to be close to his family and friends while he suffers from an unidentified health condition, but he had been retired from the music industry since 2015 due to respiratory health issues. Drummer for The Stranglers Jet Black passed away at age 84 after “years of horrible health.”

On December 6, 2022, he passed away “peacefully” after “years of ill well-being.”

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