How did Maynard Helgas die? What happened to Maynard Helgas? – Kuri007 Detail Explored

How did Maynard Helgas die? What happened to Maynard Helgas? – Kuri007
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Maynard Helgas, father of the first woman to be named “North Dakota”, dies at 87

According to an obituary written by the family, Maynard Helgas, father of First Lady Katherine Burgum, was born in the northwestern part of Minnesota in 1934, but spent most of her life in Jamestown, North Dakota. Helgas was a successful farmer and businessman who attended North Dakota State University. He established many profitable agricultural enterprises. Maynard Helgas, father of North Dakota First Lady Katherine Helgas Burgum, died suddenly on Tuesday, Aug. 2 from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. He was 87 years old. According to an obituary written by Helgas’ family, Helgas was born in the Northwest Territories of Minnesota in 1934, and lived there for the vast majority of his life. After graduating from North Dakota State University, he managed a few farms that were quite successful. Due to Helgas’ many achievements in the business world, he was inducted into North Dakota’s Agricultural Hall of Fame in the year 2012. He spent the last years of his life in West Fargo, where he died.

Maynard Helgas’ formative years, including his age, family, and occupation:

After being born in the far northwestern part of the state of Minnesota in 1934, Maynard Helgas moved to Jamestown, North Dakota, where he lived for the vast majority of his life. When he passed away, he had 88 years as a human being. Maynard’s first job was at the family farm in Fertile, Minnesota, and he worked his way through the agricultural industry throughout his life. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he began his career working as a Clay (*87*) extension agent with the Production Credit Association in Wahpeton, North Dakota and Crookston, Minnesota. He eventually worked his way up to the rank of branch manager at both those places. He decided to play football at North Dakota State University, the same school he graduated from in 1958 with a degree in agricultural economics. When he was a student at NDSU, he was an active member of the AGR fraternity. The wedding vows were taken by Maynard Schauer and Julie Schauer in 1997 in Jamestown, North Dakota. Julie passed away on 21 April 2022 after a marriage that lasted 25 years. Sarah, Jim and Tom are the children of Julie and Jim and Julie respectively. We did a brief search to see if Maynard Helgas has a presence on any social media platforms, but we were unable to locate him on any of them.

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